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Comparison with is a good service for connecting with your customers, but Agile CRM already offers those same marketing automation features plus a whole lot more, including real-time alerts, web grabbers and exit intent pop-ups, email/ link personalization, 2-way email sync and an integrated social suite. We built Agile to help businesses scale the smart way, integrating the latest tools for productive customer journeys with updated versions of proven CRM features for contact, deal, task and project management. We're a growing business like you, and we're proud that our all-in-one sales and marketing software has made us the best alternative. (Intercom is well suited for SaaS only while Agile is great for SaaS, E-Commerce and all small businesses.)

Let's compare and Agile CRM in each segment to see how they perform. Agile

CRM Features

Marketing Automation



Web Engagement



Advanced User Segmentation


for all business functions




Pricing & Plans

Plans for Packages start from $49
The Observe package is FREE
Plans start from $9.99
See our plans comparison page for details


Both and Agile CRM provide email templates plus email tracking. Agile takes it two steps further with email personalization and link personalization (using PURL keywords) - essential tools for improving email response rates and gaining a more dynamic understanding of customer behavior. Agile

Email Templates

4 default template styles

Over 50 email template styles spread over eCommerce, Software, News and more

Email Personalization

Advanced with conditional logic

Email Tracking

Link Personalization


Contact Management

Agile offers various Contact Management features such as dynamic access to leads, contacts and deals, tasks and events, advanced filtering etc... provides for advanced User Segmentation using various parameters. However, Agile is yet again many steps ahead with 2-way email sync, a more complete 360o contact view, sales pipeline & multiple deal tracks. Agile

Leads, Contacts, Accounts & Opportunities

Tasks, Calendars and Notes

360o Contact View

With Advanced Timeline

2-way Emails

Communication via Chat messages

Sales Pipeline


Multiple Deal Tracks


Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is Agile CRM's forte. With a complete set of MA features, including drag-and-drop campaign building, multi-step campaigns, automatic campaign triggering, A/B testing, behavior-based segmentation and more, Agile has got you covered in every aspect of automated lead and customer engagement.

Compared to Agile, offers minimal marketing automation. Agile

Auto Responders

Advanced with multiple triggers

Email Campaigns

Multi-step Campaigns

Lifecycle marketing with messages based on time, behavior or events.

Advanced Marketing Automation including Lifecycle Marketing with Emails, Popups, SMS and more.

Drag-drop Campaign Workflow


Automated Lead Scoring


Life-cycle & Drip Marketing

A/B Testing

Behavior-based Segmentation

Automatic Campaign Triggering

Web Engagement

Agile provides real-time web engagement with perfectly timed, personalized pop-ups, form pop-ups, coupons, surveys and exit intent pop-ups. also brings forth personalized visitor engagement via in-app messaging. Agile

Personalized Pop-ups

Form Pop-ups


Timed Pop-ups
(Exit Intent, End of Page, Specific Time)


In-app/ Website Messages


In today's world, social media is at the heart of successful sales and marketing campaigns. Agile is a social CRM that makes it easy to monitor your contacts' social activity directly from the CRM. Agile's social suite makes it easy to monitor your brand and industry on social media, gather and nurture leads, and integrate social engagement on sites such as Twitter and Facebook into your marketing campaigns. also fetches contact information from social channels. Agile

Contact info from Twitter & other Social Media Websites

Social Media Monitoring


Social Updates


Analytics & Alerts

Both Intercom and Agile offer email and web tracking. Agile pops up real-time notifications on email opens/link clicks and page views by all of your contacts, whether new prospects, hot leads or dedicated, paying customers. Reach out to your contacts at just the right time with our awesome alerts. Agile

Email Tracking

Email Open Notifications

Page View Notifications

Web Visitor Tracking


Measure your business performance with Agile's advanced reporting features such as growth analysis and funnel and cohort graphs. Agile will even send you periodic, customized email reports on essential customer stats. only provides periodic email reports and graphical charts. Agile

Periodic Email Reports

More Customized

Graphical Reports

More Customized

Growth Analysis


Funnel Reports


Cohort Analysis


API offers its API in REST, Ruby, JavaScript and PHP. Agile CRM offers its API in REST, PHP, JavaScript, Java and .Net. Agile's extensive front-end & back-end API gives users complete control over their data. Agile


REST, Ruby, Javascript, Java, PHP REST, Ruby, Javascript, Java, PHP, .Net


Agile integrates with a number of third-party apps for telephony, help desk, web forms, billing and email synchronization. Agile also allows for building custom widgets using its API. has an integrated helpdesk and offers integrations for web forms & billing. Agile


Only call tracking available
VoIP, Twilio, Ring Central

Web Forms

Wufoo, Typeform Wufoo, Unbounce, Gravity Forms

Email Sync

- Google Apps, IMAP


With third party integrations
Zendesk, ClickDesk, Help Scout


Stripe Stripe, FreshBooks, Quickbooks, Xero

Custom Widgets



In short, this is the best CRM platform I've ever used. Between the tagging system, workflow engine and API, this system has the ability to do marketing automation better than any other system I've worked with. The timeline makes it intuitive to keep track of customer contact points. The integration with IP phone systems means that costs are kept low. I have already recommended it to several of my clients and will follow up to ensure that they use Agile. Agile CRM is, quite simply, the correct choice for small business.

Ben Inkster

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