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What is online CRM software?

Customer relationship management (CRM) software was designed to help businesses manage the relationships they have with their customers. Pretty self-explanatory, no? But since its inception, the concept of online CRM software has grown and evolved into something that is becoming necessary for businesses to remain competitive in the digital era.

The majority of businesses these days use online CRM software to manage everything from lead generation, to managing deals, maintaining a 360-degree view into every interaction your company has with each contact, and even facilitating the telephone conversations you have with your prospects and customers.

In short, web-based CRM solutions are a must-have these days for any company who wants to successfully grow and sustainably increase revenue over the long term. Many businesses implement a CRM, then purchase separate solutions for marketing automation and customer support capabilities.

The beauty of Agile CRM is that it delivers all of these solutions in a single platform. Everyone in your system—sales reps, marketers, customer support reps—has access to all of the data from their colleagues, all contained on a single contact page. Everyone shares the same insight, from one source of data truth.

Streamlined User Interface

Slick, customizable user interface with a user-focused design. Welcome to the streamlined CRM your SMB has been waiting for.

small business crm

CRM for SMBs

Scale the Smart Way

Cutting-edge customer relationship management is essential for modern businesses to succeed. Agile CRM's features go beyond traditional CRM functionality to help you scale your SMB quickly and sustainably with complete customer knowledge for improved ROI.

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CRM Software for Sales Enablement

Next-gen sales enablement features make it easy to automate workflows and close more deals. The Agile CRM software app automatically creates new tasks for your sales team and helps to gamify sales with leaderboards and email reports.

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Sales CRM

CRM with marketing automation

CRM with Marketing Automation

Agile is known as the marketing automation CRM for a reason. Sell and market like the Fortune 500 with automated lead scoring, cross-channel outreach, customizable triggers and real-time alerts. A CRM with marketing automation will take your business further, faster.

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We like Agile CRM because it's built for a combination of offline/online business, like a SaaS company that manages enterprise deals. It's full of features, but doesn't feel cluttered as they keep things clean and simple. And we love that they keep adding integrations.

Megan Pillsbury

Operations Director, Applied Wine

Project Management

In-built project management software lets you focus on just your tasks, or manage complex projects across multiple teams. Automate project workflows, assignments and more.

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Project Management Software

sales and marketing CRM

Integrated Sales and Marketing

Get more out of your CRM with the world's first complete sales and marketing suite. Improve your bottom line and close more deals with full-cycle analytics and automated nurture campaigns. We're the leading sales and marketing CRM for a reason!

Campaign Workflows

Get up and running with drag-and-drop campaign workflows in a manner of minutes. Our visual designer lets you harness the power of smart segmentation with automated CRM workflows that include sales, marketing and web engagement.

visual campaign designer

real time alerts

Realtime Alerts

If you want to scale quickly, you need a small business CRM that keeps you up-to-date 24/7. Reach the next level with live notifications, real-time alerts and email reports on contact activities, lead scores, deal milestones and more.


It's a great product. We love it! As well as the efficient support team!

Pierre Barreaud

CEO & Co-founder, AdoctA

Best CRM Tools

Create multiple sales pipelines with deal tracks, each with their own set of milestones. Filter, sort and automate. Increase ROI with the best CRM tools.

best crm tools

marketing crm

Cross-channel Outreach

Powerful CRM tools lets you track and manage customer interests, actions and profiles across telephony, email, mobile, social and web channels. Reach your leads where they like to spend time.

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Online Appointment Scheduling

Our CRM software lets you put your appointment calendars online so customers can sign up for open time slots. It's the ultimate meeting scheduler. Automate calendar invites and appointment rescheduling, let leads choose between sales reps, and more.

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best crm tools

telephony crm


Extensive telephony integration to make, receive and record calls directly from the CRM. Voicemail automation, call scripts, call-based triggers and many other features have made our extensible app the leading telephony solution for sales teams.

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Social CRM

Sync social profiles to contact pages in the CRM, manage your business Twitter account with our social suite, and easily integrate social media into sales and marketing campaigns.

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social crm

telephony crm

SaaS CRM Plugins

Our powerful SaaS CRM app offers essential integrations for SaaS companies. Seamlessly integrate your email gateway, billing, landing page and customer support apps.

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eCommerce Integration

Decrease cart abandonment and increase sales by integrating Agile CRM software with your eCommerce platform. Use our popups, tracking software, advanced ecommerce reporting and campaign automation to reach the next level. Integrate eCommerce marketing with your sales pipeline for ultimate results.

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eCommerce CRM

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Co-founder - IKO System

I've seen and used dozens of CRMs. This one may change the market upside down. Absolutely great, easy-to-use and powerful.


Gary Tramer

Head of Strategy - WebReception

Agile CRM is the coolest, easiest and by far the most productive CRM I've ever used. Within 20 minutes we had customized the CRM, sent out a complex outbound email campaign and are already converting our leads. Insane!


Ron Kaplan

Sales and Business Development - Espresso Logic

Agile CRM is an exciting and powerful system. The capability to create complex workflows to customize our interaction with prospects is immensely useful and easy - simply a matter of drag and drop.


Megan Pillsbury

Operations Director - Applied Wine

We like Agile CRM because it's built for a combination of offline/online business, like a SaaS company that manages enterprise deals. It's full of features, but doesn't feel cluttered as they keep things clean and simple. And we love that they keep adding integrations.

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