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Deals are at the heart of your sales process. Agile CRM includes next-gen tools to make every opportunity a success. Get ready to create multiple deal tracks with custom milestones, trigger automatic follow-ups, get real-time metrics and predict future revenue. Whether you're an awesome team of one or a dynamic group of 50+ sales pros, Agile provides a customizable sales platform for clearer insights, repeatable results, and smarter sales force automation.

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Maximum Usability


Streamline your process with Agile CRM's signature drag-and-drop workflow. Drag deals between milestones for sales process tracking and sales process automation. Quickly edit details and change assignments. Never miss an opportunity to close.

Drag and Drop Deals
Create New Deals

Custom Deals


Add new opportunities and manage your sales pipelines more efficiently and effectively. Add essential info such as deal value, owner, probability and close date. Assign it to a particular track and use milestones to automate the sales process and monitor progress.

Multiple Deal Tracks


Deals move through tracks or pipelines in Agile CRM. You can create multiple tracks with different milestones for each track. Easily manage your sales pipeline for a variety of products or services, target new verticals or larger clients, move deals between tracks, and customize the entire sales process.

Multiple Deal Tracks
Deal Triggers for Sales Force Automation

Sales Force Automation


Deal nodes and triggers make it easy to automate follow-ups and increase deal closure and new customer engagement. Trigger automated workflows when a deal is won or lost, or a milestone is changed. Automatically send emails, documents, texts and tweets. Assign sales tasks to different team members automatically.


It's a great product. We love it! As well as the efficient support team!

Pierre Barreaud

CEO & Co-founder, AdoctA

Sales Forecasting


Predictive analytics are key to smart and sustainable growth. Sales forecasting in Agile CRM projects future revenue and close rates based on your sales pipeline activity. Predict with accuracy what sales are going to look like next week, next month and next quarter.

Sales Forecasting CRM
Deal Pies

Multiple Views


With list views, milestone views, and a beautiful visual presentation, you'll gain unexpected insights into your sales process and increase productivity across the board. The milestone view lets you drag and drop deals between milestones. The list view includes graphical metrics and a compact list of all of your company's opportunities.

Deal Filters


Agile scales along with your business. As your company grows, use filters to find exactly what you're looking for with just a click. Find all deals belonging to a particular sales rep, filter by value range, or see only currently active opportunities. Import and export deals as CSV files.

Deal Filters
Deal Metrics

Deal Metrics


Advanced metrics keep your team on track. Add personalized dashlets to your Agile deal tracker dashboard for real-time deal views, including revenue graphs, deal funnels, pending deals, and deals by milestone. Then click through to the reports menu and drill down for advanced analytics.

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