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What's Virtual PBX?

Deliver high-quality customer service through Virtual PBX software that integrates with the Agile CRM. Extend the capabilities of calling and observe the customer behavior by knowing customer navigation through your virtual phone system.

CRM Integration

Agile CRM integration allows you to know who your customers are giving in-depth information about them. As part of 500apps, Virtual PBX software drives you to handle customers better by delivering high-end service from your end. Sign up for one i.e. Agile CRM and own Virtual PBX now for free.


Convert text into speeches in your dynamic call flows by using the in-built mechanism - Text-to-speech converter. This tool allows you to read welcome messages, greetings, and many more. All the messages are read out on a click making the operation simple and easy for the users. To get the maximum benefit of Virtual PBX software at zero costs, claim the potentiality of our Agile CRM app.

Call Management

Track the navigation of your customer through a virtual phone system. Connect with the employees thus increasing the revenue by reducing time spent on calls and boosting the productivity of the organization through Virtual PBX software. Choose Agile CRM and get all the benefits of Virtual PBX.

Call Handling

To save time, we have introduced a new virtual software that allows you to connect with your employees within the same environment through call handling. PBX software adds more features to the existing Agile CRM. Integrate our Agile CRM for complete integration of Virtual PBX to your business.

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FREE for 10 Users. No credit card required.