Content Feedback

Feedback and ratings on your knowledge base content that provide actionable insight to improve existing content and fill content gaps.

A robust knowledge base allows your customers to solve many of their problems on their own, letting your support team focus on solving larger, more pressing issues. Enabling knowledge base content feedback allows you to gauge how helpful your content is so you can fill content gaps and make informed decisions about how to continually improve it.

Collect Feedback

Feedback and Ratings

Allow customers to provide comments and anecdotal feedback around each piece of knowledge base content. Give them the chance to rate each piece individually, allowing you to see how different types of content perform against one another.

Content Improvement

Knowledge base content feedback provides actionable insight into what’s working and what’s not. Use that insight to adapt your strategy and produce more of what’s helping clients solve their own problems, and less of what’s not.



Identify Content Gaps

Enabling content feedback is like starting an open dialogue with your customer base. Through their feedback, they will tell you what’s missing or what else they need to be successful. Use that insight to fill gaps and fully flesh out your knowledge base content library.

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