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What is Popup Builder?

Convert website visitors into customers by building responsive and customizable popups using the popup builder software, without the need for coding or design abilities. Place popups across your site that appear when you tell them to and display a message of your choice.

Web Pop-ups

Pop-Up Templates

Choose between a variety of pop-up templates that come with Agile CRM. Standard templates make it easy to create and activate a pop-up in minutes. These templates are designed to offer a persuasive call-to-action on the website. Use these templates with a combination of different display controls and triggers to attract prospects faster.

Custom Pop-Ups

With a little knowledge of basic HTML, you can create your own custom web pop-ups that include images,fonts, colors, and borders of your choice. Use your logo in pop-ups to mirror your company’s own branding.



Place Them Anywhere

You decide on which of your website’s pages you want the pop-up to appear. Perhaps you have a pop-up that offers discounts to existing customers—you can choose to only display that on pages that customers navigate to, such as your customer support page.

Control When They Appear

You choose when a pop-up is displayed on the screen of a given page. To keep a visitor engaged, tell the system to only display the pop-up as they are leaving your page. For more important information, make the pop-up more prominent by displaying it the moment a visitor lands on your page.


Start with FREE account today!

FREE for 10 Users. No credit card required.