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Every incoming and outgoing phone call matters a lot for any business, especially for call centers. The sales and marketing personnel and support reps should be equipped with proper tools such as a Call Center CRM to get the right information and enable interactions with customers. What you need is a seamless alignment of your phone system and CRM so as to shun the tedious task of switching between them and managing calls in the CRM. Simply put, a CRM for call centers is a perfect fit here.

With many telephony integrations such as Twilio, VoIP, CounterPath, Skype and Ring Central; Agile CRM helps call centers to make inbound calls, outbound calls, to record calls, create call scripts, automate voicemail etc. Next time, with the use of a CRM, you can know who’s calling you, and with the help of notes, you can get hold of any contextual information and customer history for better response and engagement. In this way, your call center rep is in a better position to understand the customer’s preferences. Isn’t it cool? Welcome to the smart revolution of making and receiving calls in the CRM.

Outbound Calls

Search for the contact information by entering the details in the main search bar of the Call Center CRM or by clicking on contacts from the Contacts page. This makes it easy to find them in the CRM and subsequently call them. The plugins support a drop-down menu in case there are more numbers under one contact in the CRM.

Click to call
Call Popup

Inbound Calls

Say you are logged into the Call Center Software and a new call comes in. All the fears of losing this call will be addressed by the CRM. A pop up asks you whether you want to take this call or not. Agile CRM helps you do a lot with inbound or outbound calls.

Sales and Call Center reps can add tags to leads while chatting with them on the phone, scheduling meetings or setting reminders, and some sales pros even add contacts to particular sales, marketing, onboarding or support campaigns, such as a coupon/discount-based upsell campaign based on the specific interests they’ve expressed on the call. The Call Center CRM helps the reps to get close to more customers, understand their preferences and close sales accordingly.

Call Campaigns

The call campaigns in the Call Center CRM let you run manual or automatic call campaigns on a single contact or multiple contacts, dialing them in sequence and setting the wait time between calls. Call Center reps can even add a tag automatically to the called contact whenever a call is completed successfully.

Call campaigns
Call recording

Call Recording

If you have enabled call recording in the integration, then both inbound and outbound calls in the Call Center Software are automatically recorded.

Call Notes

Call Center CRM helps you in call tracking. When you add a telephony widget on the contact details page, the contact’s Timeline displays the entire activity for that particular contact. Once the call with the customer is in progress, the user can take notes while on the call and the notes can subsequently be added to the contact for future reference. This is another striking feature of Agile CRM.

Call notes
Voicemail drop

Voicemail Drops

Voicemail Drop (also known as voicemail automation) is an inside sales technology that acts as a catalyst for leaving voicemail messages. With Agile CRM, sales reps can choose to post a voice message and ask the customer to go through the self-help guides before scheduling a product demo. The Call Center Software is designed to save time for sales personnel as they would be speaking to a customer who is aware of the product. This works well in a high volume sales environment.

Call Scripts

Agile’s Call Center CRM enables you to add predefined scripts to certain tags. For example, when you are talking to leads, prospects and customers, the conversation won't be the same. For the tag ‘lead’, the script pops up with features about the product. For the tag ‘prospect’, it will be revolve around few additional discounts. Then for the tag ‘customer’, it will be about new enhancements to the product. These scripts make the sales reps aware of the particular stage of the sales cycle and push the message accordingly. Now that’s a well-scripted approach of the Call Center CRM.

Call scripts
Call reports

Call Reports

With Telephony integration, the Call Center CRM tracks all calls made to and from the app. All that data could be too big and confusing without specific reporting, so Agile CRM has introduced a number of call reports to help users understand and improve their calling processes.

The reports include call logs for your entire team, calls by user and call duration reports and metrics on call outcomes. Call Center reps can view these reports in the app, or have specific call reports emailed to them automatically on a regular basis.

Making and Tracking Calls

Using Agile’s Call Center CRM, you can integrate telephony partners to make and receive calls directly from the CRM. Once you’ve activated the integration, you’ll automatically see the respective telephony widget on the contact detail pages in the CRM. From the widget, you can call the contact and see past call notes and communication histories.

Making and Tracking Calls

In an ideal scenario where every call counts, call center reps can’t afford to lose one. Agile’s Call Center CRM enables call center users to understand each customer at an individual level, obtain all the relevant customer information in a single view, and access that information when it matters to extend the support. So stay ahead in the dynamic environment and make every customer happy by adopting Agile’s Call Center CRM for your call center needs.

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