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Every telephone conversation is important when you’re running a small or medium sized business. Whether it’s your sales team or your customer support team, the more efficient they are at making calls, the better your bottom line will look. Agile’s call center software provides a seamless integration of your telephone system and CRM solution, eliminating the need to switch between the two when managing calls and outreach.

With multiple telephony integrations, Agile CRM allows your team to make, receive and record calls, create call scripts, take notes, automate voicemail, and more. In the digital era, traditional telephony frameworks just won’t cut it, so make the transition to an advanced call center CRM.

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Outbound & Inbound Calls

From your CRM, locate the record of the contact you wish to call, then make an outbound call to that person with the click of a mouse. Receive inbound calls via pop ups that alert you of an incoming call while you work. Already on a call? The call center will recognize that and ask if you wish to answer or ignore it.

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Tag-Based Calling

Add tags to leads or customers while chatting with them to enable targeted follow up in the future. For example, if the lead expresses interest over the phone, tag them as “sales ready” (or any other tag you deem appropriate) so you can include them in your upcoming calling campaign. Then automate your calls to all “sales ready” leads and move through them more efficiently.

Call Campaigns

Run manual or automatic call campaigns on a single contact, or group of contacts. Dial them in sequence and set the wait time between calls. Take notes as you move through your calls. Set the system to automatically add tags following the conversation, for the most organized campaigns possible.

Call center CRM campaigns
Call recording

Call Recording

Agile's call center software provides a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to enable call recording features and record any call with a click of the mouse. Every contact’s call history is tracked and all recordings are saved for future reference.

Call Notes

With the addition of a simple widget, you can maintain a view into the entire call and activity history of any given contact. Once your call is in progress, you can take notes, which get added to the contact’s call history for easy reference in the future.

Call Center CRM notes
Call Center Software: Voicemail Drops

Voicemail Drops

With automated voicemail drops, you can record a message, use your CRM to segment out a target group of recipients, and leave that voice message for everyone in the segment without having to make calls. Or, save multiple pre-recorded messages and leave them automatically when someone does not answer your call, saving you the time of having to leave the same message again and again.

Call Scripts

Agile’s Call Center CRM enables you to add predefined scripts to certain tags. For example, set different standard scripts for conversations with leads and customers. When speaking to contacts tagged as “leads” your product pitch script pops up. For “customers” your new product enhancements script pops up. Ensure your team’s outreach is always on message.

Call Center Software: Call Scripts
Call Center Software: Reporting

Call Reports

Keep track of the data and metrics around all calls made and received with reporting that provides insight into call results. Maintain a view into calls by user, call duration, reporting around call outcomes, and more. Just like with all Agile reporting, you can also schedule these to be delivered to your email on a recurring basis.

Advanced Telephony Integrations

With the ability to leverage advanced telephony integrations, you’ll increase efficiency and maximize effectiveness of telephone outreach and customer support. It’s simple and intuitive to integrate your favorite application—such as Twilio, VoIP, CounterPath, Skype and Ring Central—with Agile CRM.

Making and Tracking Calls

When every call counts, you can’t afford to lose one. Agile’s Call Center CRM enables users to understand each customer at an individual level, obtain all the relevant customer information in a single view, and access that information when it matters most. Stay ahead of the game and maintain delighted customers by adopting call center software.

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