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saas crm

User-level Tracking

Know what your customer is doing in your app.


Smart Onboarding

Send emails based on the user's behavior in your app. Automate.

app messaging

In-app Messages

Show appropriate in-app messages in your app to your customer.

saas metrics

SaaS Metrics

Measure growth, drop offs, monthly cohorts.

billing integration

Billing Integration

Agile can sync your customers directly with your payment gateway.

call automation

Call Automation

Agile lets your sales reps know who needs to be called and when.


We like Agile CRM because it's built for a combination of offline/online business, like a SaaS company that manages enterprise deals. It's full of features, but doesn't feel cluttered as they keep things clean and simple. And we love that they keep adding integrations.

Megan Pillsbury

Operations Director, Applied Wine

Smart User Onboarding

Track web events in your dashboard and send emails automatically
customer engagement

Lifecyle Marketing

Agile automatically tracks your users in the lifecycle and sends the next emails automatically.

Javascript API

Javascript API

Add few lines of HTML Code and AgileCRM with sync your sign ups automatically.

Simple setup

Simple Setup

Just use a visual drag and drop designer to setup your automated onboarding lifecyle.

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In-app Guided Tours

Stage-specific popups to onboard your customers faster
Web engagement

Web Rules

Define your rules online and Agile CRM will show the pop-ups automatically.

Custom Pop-ups

Configure title, message and pop-up type easily. No coding required.

Exit Intent

70% of abandoning visitors never return. But not with AgileCRM.

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SaaS Metrics Dashboard

Measure Growth. Drop offs and Monthly Cohorts

Growth Metrics

Visually identify the growth of your trials, sign ups and cancellations.


Very convenient way to identify the drop offs in your application.


Compare two groups over a period of time - eg: sign ups versus cancellations.

Apply Filters

Zoom in with your custom filters. Eg: show cohorts for US customers

Date Range

Run your report on a custom date range. More power to you.

Email Reports

Configure your reports to be sent daily, weekly or monthly.

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I love agile -- free form and tags, allow you to look at this any way you want. Love the pipeline/forecasting as well. I will be actively using this, and suggesting it for my clients (business coaching) here in Montreal.

Wayne Radford

HomeTEQ Industries

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Web Analytics at Contact Level

Agile CRM tells you who did what on your website
Web analytics
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Advanced Segmentation


Segment your contacts with tags based on their actions, lifecycle, & behavior.

Lead Scoring

lead scoring

Run lead scoring campaigns and see hot leads automatically bubble to the top of your list.

Extensive API


Powerful front-end & back-end API in Javascript, Java, .NET, PHP

Real Time Alerts

Real time alters

Agile CRM informs you of key signals.

One-Click Plugins and Integrations

Agile integrates with leading third party websites and apps
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Know who is online

Agile shows you who is online color coded

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