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What is Social CRM?

Social CRM means two different things. Luckily, Agile CRM does them both! On one hand, social media CRM is the practice of using social media services, techniques and technology to enable businesses to engage with their customers. This includes everything from social monitoring to social media automation. On the other hand, it’s an actual type of software, a CRM (usually cloud-based) that integrates with popular social channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to pull social media posts and profiles onto contact pages for complete contact data.

All-in-One Social CRM

As Agile CRM offers an integrated platform for sales and marketing, its popularity as a social CRM soars with each passing day. Don’t waste time buying multiple apps. Agile has everything you need! The features in Agile CRM are the best way to empower your sales, marketing and support teams with social media solutions available directly in the app. Do everything from your CRM dashboard.

All in one social CRM
Social suite for sales teams

Social CRM for Sales Teams

Post all company updates to social media from within the social suite. Keep your followers informed, answer questions, resolve issues, capture leads and increase conversions.

Social CRM for Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is going social. Get higher ROI on your marketing automation campaigns by tracking social behavior and using that data to power your sales and marketing campaigns. With a social media integration, your most vocal social customers can become your biggest brand advocates. Include Twitter in multi-channel engagement campaigns alongside mobile, email and web marketing techniques.

Social Marketing Campaigns
Social CRM for support

Social CRM for Support

72% of customers who lodge a complaint on Twitter expect a response within an hour. Agile CRM includes essential helpdesk tools such as cases, tickets and support automation. Our social suite and social media integrations make it easy to extend your support to social channels, where you can monitor customer conversations, respond publicly or privately to issues, suggestions and complaints and update support histories in the CRM. It’s all in the name of increasing customer happiness.

“The way a business interacts with its social audience can make a big impact on its customer base and brand. Social CRM is about listening to what your customers are saying on social media, analyzing that data in terms of how it relates to the goals of your enterprise or small to midsize business (SMB), and then engaging with the customers in ways that, while ultimately tying into marketing and sales goals, also establish a trusted and worthwhile social brand for your company—whether that means a timely and informative tweet back to a customer's question or translating a Facebook...interaction into an email exchange with a customer service or sales rep.”

- Rob Marvin, PC Magazine (April 2016) crm-testimonial-garyrwagner

Social Profiles

Social media integrations turn our contact management solution into a social media CRM powerhouse. Pull social profiles from sites such as Twitter and Facebook into the CRM and see real-time social profiles on contact pages. Turn social leads into hot prospects with lead scores, timelines, and 360-degree contact profiles in Agile CRM.


Connect with your contacts on Twitter, schedule tweets and automate social interactions directly from your Agile dashboard. Add a Twitter widget to contact pages and then use our social suite to interact with leads on Twitter, automate tweets and emails with your contact and provide the best customer service in the world.

Twitter integration
Facebook integration


Add a real-time Facebook widget to contact pages in Agile. Find contacts, friend them and post to their Facebook walls from the ultimate social media suite with Facebook integration. Sell smarter by learning about customer interests and interacting with them where they like to hang out.

Google Plus

The Google Plus widget lets you search public G+ profiles, view contact profiles, scroll through your customers’ Google Plus posts and use that social data to add them to just the right sales and marketing campaigns in Agile CRM.

Google plus integration
TowerData integration


Smart marketers use TowerData, formerly known as Rapleaf, to get useful data about contact and leads and increase engagement and conversions. TowerData integration in Agile pulls that email intelligence data into widgets on contact pages, updated in real time.

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Social Suite

Our innovative social suite includes a Twitter dashboard directly in Agile CRM and a campaign node for integrating Twitter into marketing automation campaigns. The social suite is an independent social CRM feature within the Agile app. Monitor your industry, see activity streams, capture leads, schedule tweets and engage with your customers on Twitter without ever leaving Agile CRM, the smart choice for social media CRM integration. Grow your business and increase brand advocacy with a CRM with social integration that does the work for you, so you can get back to business.

Monitor Your Brand


Monitor your Twitter accounts from within Agile's Social CRM. Know the instant someone talks about your company, product or industry. Use keyword streams for social listening.

Monitor your brand

social status

Send Social Updates


Post all company updates to social media from within the social suite. Keep your followers informed, answer questions, resolve issues, capture leads and increase conversions.

Discover Leads


Look out for keywords and discover when people are talking about you or your competition. Engage with them, add them to your contacts, and convert them into sales opportunities, all directly from Agile CRM.

Discover new leads

Schedule posts

Schedule Posts


Schedule posts from the Agile dashboard. Be active round the clock on social media with scheduled posts that go live even when you aren't online.

Inbox and Outbox


Exchange personal messages with your followers and create new sales opportunities. Send and receive DMs in Twitter using the social suite.

DM inbox and outbox
Twitter node

Twitter Node for Marketing Automation


Use the Twitter node in marketing automation workflows to schedule personalized Tweets for customers and leads. Send a “thank you” tweet or custom discount and watch your business grow with the only CRM with social media integration that includes complete sales, marketing and service automation.

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