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Single Page Contact Management

Agile CRM's contact management interface for SMBs is the ultimate enterprise growth hack. Save time and increase sales by viewing all information about a contact on a single page with contact info, communication history, social media accounts, deals, notes, appointments, tasks and more.

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Contact Management CRM

Sales Enablement CRM

Sales Enablement

Close more deals with sales enablement features that give you an inside edge. Customizable deal tracks and milestones, leaderboards and email reports for gamification, integrated telephony and more. The modern CRM app can even create new tasks automatically for sales teams of any size based on customizable workflow rules.

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Lead Scoring

Score leads based on their activity on your website, email interactions, marketing automation campaign status, and more. Our streamlined lead scoring CRM lets you automatically increase lead scores when links are clicked or important emails are opened so you can sell directly to the hottest leads.

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Lead Scoring CRM

Customer Management CRM

Customer Segmentation

Tag, segment and sort leads both manually and automatically. Fine tune your small business contact management with Agile SMB CRM using tag-based reports to improve sales and marketing. Run smarter campaigns and increase ROI with customizable segmentation based on profession, location, customer interests and company size.

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We like Agile CRM because it's built for a combination of offline/online business, like a SaaS company that manages enterprise deals. It's full of features, but doesn't feel cluttered as they keep things clean and simple. And we love that they keep adding integrations.

Megan Pillsbury

Operations Director, Applied Wine

Schedule and Organize Events

Increase productivity and customer happiness with integrated online appointment scheduling software and drag-and-drop project management in your Agile SMB CRM account. Manage multiple tasks, projects and events, sync with your Google calendar and send automatic online calendar invites to leads. Schedule more demos in less time.

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Calendar and Events CRM

Marketing Automation CRM

Marketing Automation

Our marketing automation software features an easy drag-and-drop campaign builder for unprecedented ease of use and effectiveness. Use pre-made templates for email newsletters and configure automatic emails to be sent to contacts. Automate multi-channel social, mobile, email and web campaigns.

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Social Suite

Easily extend your small business contact management to include social outreach and industry insights with our built-in Social Suite. Automate social interactions, schedule tweets, monitor your brand on social media and see social profiles of contacts.

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Social Suite CRM

smb crm analytics

SMB CRM Analytics

Scale the smart way with advanced analytics, metrics and reports, and stay up-to-date 24/7 with customizable email reports on contacts, deals and CRM user activities. Contact-level analytics include referrals, location and page views. Business reporting includes growth reports, funnel graphs and cohort analysis.

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Take customer interaction to the next level with our industry-leading telephony feature set. Call clients from the dashboard with a single click on contact pages. Record and replay calls, automate voicemails and track voice communications.

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crm telephony

billing integration crm

Billing Integration

Agile goes beyond conventional CRMs for small business by integrating billing services from Stripe, FreshBooks and more. View contact payment history and subscription details from the Agile dashboard and automate email campaigns based on payment triggers.

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Small Business CRM

Feature Loaded for Growing SMBs

Agile CRM is the fastest growing sales and marketing CRM for SMB success. Our industry-leading feature set is a complete online solution to help you organize, automate and scale your business. Give our next-gen small business contact management software a spin today and see for yourself why we're the best!

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