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Updates in
08 in MAR
Product Updates

Product Updates

Apr 20, 2017 ( Version: 42.2)
  • Added ACL's for 'Videos'
  • Added an option to show/hide the 'Form Name' in ‘Form Builder’ settings
  • Added an 'Image Group' block under Email Template Builder'
  • Modified the 'Feedback Report' icons from Awesome, Good, etc., now showing only 'Good' and 'Bad'
  • Fixed issue, removed the signature when Agent adds a Private note to the ticket
  • Now 'Merge Fields' works on direct emails
  • Ringcentral - Upgrading version files and Enabling Widget
  • We are now supporting Portuguese language for our Agile Dashboard
  • Added zaps for Help Desk (New Ticket Trigger and Create Ticket action)
  • Added ‘Office 365’ data sync widget
  • Now we have ACL's for ‘Deals Export’
  • ‘Online Calendar’ is now in 24hrs format
  • Added SMS ‘Delivered’ and ‘Failed’ events on trigger
  • Users can now sort ‘Contacts’ based on ‘Last called /Last Emailed’
  • Added new feature, 'Getting Started' steps for Sales, Marketing, and Service modules
  • Added ‘Video Emails’ as a separate entity
  • Added ‘Videos Count’ in ‘All Domain’ stats report
  • Added a new feature, 'Smartview' using this feature, we get to know who is viewing the same contact details, deal details and campaign workflows
  • Added new feature, now we have ‘URL’ and ‘Currency Custom’ fields for Contacts/Companies/Deals
  • Enhanced ‘Set Owner Round Robin’ at Node level
  • Enhanced storing Contacts/Companies, now whenever a new Contacts/Companies is added, the Country field in the form automatically get fills
  • Added a new ‘Social Share’ block under ‘Email Template Builder’
  • Added ‘Date Field’ in ‘Form Builder’ for mapping the default and custom contact type agile fields
  • Added ‘Documents List’ field in form settings
  • Enhanced ‘Set Owner Round Robin’ at Node level
  • Added two new email template under Newsletter category
  • Contacts/Companies data in Trash will be automatically deleted after 30 days
  • Added detailed ‘Lost Deals’ analysis report
  • Added Time based Merge Fields. For example:
  • Today : {{current_date}}
    Tomorrow : {{current_date +1}}
    Yesterday : {{current_date -1}}
    Next Week : {{current_date 7}}

  • Updated the dashboard “Side Menu Bar” with “New Icons”
  • Enhanced ‘Campaign Scaling’
  • Added condition for ‘email replied’ in “trigger campaigns”
  • Enhanced JSON node that allows to post data in JSON format
  • Fixed email address field which was not accepting emails in different format
  • Added SIP.JS ‘Telephony’ widget.
  • Added ‘Email Fetch’ widget under ‘Social Widgets’, wherein ‘Email Address’ is fetched by mapping the ‘Website Domain’ and ‘First & Last Name’ from ‘Contacts Info Page’.
  • Added a new option under ‘Deals’ that allows to view ‘Untouched Deals’ for selected number of days .
  • Added new templates in ‘Form Builder’ based on themes (5-Bootstrap,5- Metro, 5-Flat , 5-Material).
  • Added new ‘Twitter App’ for ‘Social Suite’.
  • Added a new ‘Push Notification Popup’ template that looks like ‘Chrome Push Popup’.
  • Added new feature to ‘Recently Viewed List’ wherein ‘Tickets’ can be seen.
  • Added ‘Add Tickets’ node under ‘Campaigns’.
  • Added new feature ‘Social Share’ block under ‘Footer’ facet in ‘Landing Page Builder’.
  • Enhanced ‘Contact List’ with new UI.
  • Added new feature to ‘Ticketing’ wherein, while creating a Ticket, if the email contains a reply-to email address [reply-address], all subsequent replies to the ticket are sent to that email address [reply-address].
  • Enhanced ‘Article’s List Page’ by adding a column named ‘Status’ that differentiates the article status [Published or Private].
  • Added new feature in ‘Chrome Extension’ named ‘Add New Template’ in email templates drop down in Gmail .
  • Added new options in ‘Chrome Extension’ by segregating ‘Email Templates’ drop down into ‘Templates’ and ‘Videos’ and showing videos under ‘Videos’ section.
  • Added a new ‘Status Change Trigger’ in ‘Ticketing’, with campaign name ‘Runs a campaign on Contact, when a ticket status is changed’.
  • Enhanced ‘Email gateway Feature’, wherein emails will go from default email gateway, when SMTP & Gmail Oauth fail to send.
  • Added an option for ‘Deals Export’ that allows the users to select the headers or columns based on the requirements.
  • Enhanced ‘Responsive Webrules’ by showing ‘Close Icon’ inside the popup.
  • Added ‘Faster CSV Contacts Import’ for client side import of contacts, along with normal import.
  • Added new template named ‘Minimalistic’ for ‘Ticketing Emails’.
  • Added ‘Alerts’ for ‘Clicked & Open’ nodes.
  • Added ‘Nexmo’ messaging widget under ‘Telephony’.
  • Added ‘Custom Field’ option in ‘Import’ feature, allowing to map data during import of contacts, companies and deals.
  • Enhanced ‘Inbound’ and ‘Outbound’ for ‘Asterisk’ telephony widget.
  • Enhanced ‘Email Invitation Checkbox’ option, where the selected state (Checked or Unchecked) remains same for the domain, until the state is changed.
  • Enhanced ‘Color Types’ for ‘Deals’ with light colors.
  • Added a new ‘Email’ feature that sends the campaign emails from ‘Outbound SMTP’.
  • Added logic to capture & save geolocation data (latitude & longitude) for contacts & companies.
  • Enhanced ‘LinkedIn Sales Prospect’ in Chrome extension. Now displaying 100 search results instead of 10.
  • Added ‘Drupal Plugin’ that supports Drupal version 8.
  • Added ‘Joomla Plugin’ on the website for Joomla users.
  • Enhanced ‘Domain Key Settings’ feature with ‘Send Email’ option.
  • Added a new block ‘Image+Caption’ in ‘Content Blocks’, under email template builder.
  • Enhanced ‘Image Block’ feature under email template builder that allows image customization to full size of the block.
  • Added ‘Three New Languages (Italian, Russian & French)’ under ‘Preferences’.
  • Enhanced ‘Chrome Extension’ functionality that supports ‘LinkedIn New Version’.
  • Enhanced ‘Dial Pad’ with ‘Alpha-Numeric’ options.
  • Enhanced ‘Twilio Outbound CallerId’ feature in ‘Contact Edit Page’ to allow users to make direct calls from the outbound number dropdown menu.

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