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All-in-One CRM

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Knowledge Base

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Smart Views

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Canned Responses

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07 in JULY
Product Updates

Product Updates

Aug 16, 2017 ( Version: 49.9)
  • Added new Tabular Report for Avg Chat First Response Time.
  • moved from Landing page settings to Knowledge Base settings page.
  • Now we have a clone option to create copy of specific filter.
  • Trash count is separated for contacts and companies.
  • Attachment feature for the live chat- Now Agent & End user will be able to upload files for their chat.
  • Feedback for Live Chat- Now User will be able to submit their feedback for each chat.
  • Added new report which shows the Average First Response Time - Live Chat.
  • Added new report named "Chat Feedback Report"-- Live chat.
  • Added Event date merge fileds for campaigns - {{event.start_date}},{{event.end_date}}.
  • Added Ringcentral Call Campaign Trigger.
  • Added the option for selecting Probability in "Update Deal" Node.
  • ZenDesk new version update.
  • Twilio set the timeout before an unanswered call get's redirected to voicemail.
  • Added activity reports for Email Templates,Videos,Forms,Landing Pages and Web Rules.
  • Added future years for Date Field of the Form.
  • Transfer of Tickets when merging Duplicate Contacts.
  • Added Automations for Sales & Service and status contact filter, along with the Sales & Service automation reports.
  • Now we are showing related contacts’ emails addresses under Mail tab of companies
  • New report named "Ticket Source" is added, which shows the tickets count from various sources
  • Now we have Add/Remove columns for deals
  • EDocs icon changes & other small UI changes
  • Ability to customize the text of the "Open document" button
  • Now attach notes with ‘Evernote Integration’
  • GoogleSync ‘Contact's Data’ for marketing
  • Now we can 'Compose' and 'Receive' email's from Agile Dashboard
  • Now we have reordering of ‘Columns’ for contacts and companies
  • Added log activities like ‘Created, Modified, Deleted’ for Email Templates, Videos, Landing pages, Forms and Web Rules
  • Now we are hiding 'SLA Reached Trigger' for Free and Starter plans
  • Integrated easy to use WYSIWYG (TinyMCE) editor in 'Landing Page Builder'
  • Multi language support in ‘Knowledge Base’ end user's page
  • Enhanced RingCentral ‘SMS for Contacts’
  • Added required field option for ‘Radios’ & ‘Checkboxes’ in ‘Form Builder’
  • Enhanced the ‘Form Submission’ process, now it can run on the server
  • Added ‘Categories Order’ in send email template drop down
  • Now sync contact data from ‘Xero’

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