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Gary R Wagner

MD - Annapolis

Excellent support. You all are the best I have ever seen in my 30 years working in technology.

Daniel Goghlin

Daniel Goghlin

I love Agile so far. I have used MS Crm for the last 3 years and I'm impressed so far.


Logan Boyce

Coach - Keller Williams Realty

Just wanted to say thank you. This CRM seems completely beast. Thank you for creating this masterpiece.


Niklas Appelmann

Owner - smartbusiness

You guys simply blew my mind. This is the best CRM I have ever seen.

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Gartner shared its recent research on the CRM market that shows CRM software totaled $26.3 billion in 2015 and is predicted to grow to $36 billion by the end of 2017.


How to Get Started with B2B Video Marketing

There is nothing more popular online than watching videos. Forrester reports that 50 percent of all mobile traffic is used to do just that.


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The reality of today’s business is this: customer engagement is critical.


6 Great WordPress Plugins for Sales Team

WordPress, an easy-to-use and search engine-friendly platform, powers over 74.6 million sites.


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An important stat: 80 percent of top-performing companies use lead scoring technology, according to Aberdeen research.


Keep Data Purity Intact Using Automatic Data Cleansing

Alexander Pope once said, “To err is human…” However, that truism shouldn’t apply to your company’s data.


The Agile CRM Partner Program: Partnering For Progress

How often do we see software-as-a-service companies reach $3 million in revenue in just three years of operation? Not often. But Agile CRM has done just that.


4 Reasons Your CRM Needs Live Chat

Even with a CRM that has a 360-degree contact view, raw data doesn’t always help your sales force understand the customer’s journey—their up-to-the-moment questions, needs and wants.


How Affiliate Marketing Can Be Beneficial for SMBs

SMBs can easily capitalize on new customer opportunities using affiliate marketing if they choose affiliates matching their target audience.

Updates in
Product Updates

Product Updates

Oct 19, 2016
  • Added direct creation of ‘new contact’ or ‘new company’ from “Related Contact” field in Deals, Tasks, Events and Documents.
  • Added delete option for “Event ACLs” and divided “Update Event ACLs” into ‘Update Events and Delete Events’.
  • Added “Record & Send Video Emails” feature under email template builder .
  • Added “deal is closed” option in Notification tab under “Preferences” settings that allows users to receive an email once the deal is closed/won.
  • Added minor enhancements to “Google Contact Sync”.
  • Added “Feedback” feature to Service Module to allow users to provide feedback on every ticket and enable/disable feedback option from Admin settings of “Service”.
  • Added “Add All Contacts” feature on Agile CRM Chrome extension for LinkedIn to allow users to add all contacts at a time.
  • Released Magento 2.x version. (Downloadable from website).
  • Added Last Contacted 'Is after', 'Is before', 'Is between', 'Is last', 'Never' filter under companies.
  • Released calls JAR file 2.x version. (Downloadable from Bria and Skype widgets).
  • Enhanced "Click to call" option in Contacts.
  • Fixed Custom info of custom fields in contacts and companies details page.
  • Fixed an issue in customer domain "Deals do not load".
  • Fixed tags time issue in backend while adding tags to a deal.
  • Added Shopify companies sync feature.
  • Added Rest API call to remove contact from deal.
  • Added Register Deal feature in Affiliate program.
  • Released Agile CRM Affiliate Program. Added auto grow text areas.Implemented feature for users to see Agile Dashboard in Spanish language by auto detecting the browser language for Spanish users.
  • Added a push pop-up for push notifications.
  • Enhanced filter option in 'Companies' by making it available for Mobile users.
  • Added a CSV report about contacts merged from Data Sync in email attachment.
  • Added a new tab 'Telephony' under admin settings to customize call status.
  • Added timeline for deals to display deal activities in timeline view.
  • Added the 'Klout' widget to know customers' social activity score fetches based on their Twitter profile.
  • Added a new marketing feature – 'Push Notifications' – to re-engage with your customers.
  • Added tags for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter sales prospects.
  • Included company name to show on web push notification pop-up.
  • Not displaying calling options in companies.
  • Fixed a minor issue in push notification pop-up.
  • Added a new marketing feature – 'Push Notifications' – to re-engage with your customers.
  • Added a feature that allows users to create a new contact or append to existing contact after the end of the call.
  • Added a trigger in Zapier for any milestone change.
  • Enhanced functionality to display the deal owner’s avatar for list view of deals.
  • Added advanced ‘Search’ option that enables search by contact, company, deals, documents, and tickets.
  • Added an option for all the domain users to receive an email when user wins a deal.
  • Added an option to create “New Ticket” option for mobile users.
  • Added “Advanced Search” and “Voice Search” option for mobile users.
  • Enhanced Tasks list for mobile users.
  • Added advanced ‘Search’ option that enables search by contact, company, deals, documents, and tickets.
  • Added a feature for Twitter Sales Prospecting in the Chrome extension.
  • Added a feature in the Chrome extension to identify LinkedIN profiles and companies from Google, based on any keywords and add them to your leads database, to increase your sales.
  • Added ACL for Landing Pages and Visitors.
  • Moved the position of ‘Edit’ option for Contacts, Companies and Deals from the drop down.
  • Now Companies export has tags and tags created time data in export CSV.
  • Added functionality to dial extensions (DTMF) during a Skype call.
  • Now users can create Company by using JS API.
  • Added an option to disable ‘unsubscribe’ confirmation email.
  • Made web rules – standout-form, minimal-form, elegant-form and choice multi-survey more responsive across various devices.
  • Enhanced functionality to merge contacts within the selected companies.
  • Split Manage Deals in ACLs to ‘Update Deals’ & ‘Delete Deals’.
  • Deals de-duplication is now feasible for deal import using Deal IDs.
  • Enhanced CSV import failed response file to show both failed contacts and merged contacts.
  • Performance improvements to ‘Revenue by Source’ report.
  • Fixed minor issues in Landing Pages.
  • Added a language option that enables users to view the CRM interface in Spanish. They can switch between English and Spanish languages through Preferences  Advanced tab.
  • Added Owner phone number merge field “{{}}” in CRM.
  • Added 2 new columns to contacts listing page - ‘Last Called’ & ‘Last Emailed’.
  • Added a new element under ‘Teams’ block of landing pages.
  • Enhanced functionality to sort tasks based on their due date.
  • Enhanced UI with colors and animations.
  • Fixed an issue with contact name that doesn't show up on Visitor tab.


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