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Get Things Done Faster with Our New User Interface

Okay, we admit it: There’s a lot baked into Agile CRM. As an all-in-one CRM, we’ve included marketing...


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The oldest application on the web is about to again be at the forefront of innovation—and small and medium businesses...


Make Sales Calls Powerful with Asterisk PBX & Agile CRM

What if you could make calls from your office phone directly from within your Agile CRM dashboard? Yeah, that would be really cool...


Personalized Video Email Cuts Through the Clutter

We live in a world that’s in love with videos. Whether it’s on our phones, our Internet-connected televisions...


Agile CRM Ranked as a Most Used App by Zapier

Zapier just named Agile CRM one of the top 5 most used web apps of 2016. We recorded a 219 percent increase in user growth on automation site...


Turbocharge Your Drupal Site with the Agile CRM Drupal Module

Along with WordPress, Drupal is one of the most powerful and widely used content management systems on the web today...


Get Ticket Feedback in Helpdesk

We’re pleased to announce that you now can get direct support ticket feedback from customers directly within Agile CRM...


6 Ways to Create Engaging Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are a tedious but important part of doing business. Unfortunately...


5 Reasons to Use Dynamic Content in Your Marketing

Marketing must be personalized to be successful. Consumers want a unique and relevant message...


How to Make an Effective Landing Page

A good landing page is as important to your marketing plan as a good foundation is to a new building...


5 Tricks to Get More from Your CRM

CRM software remains a top priority for IT professionals. According to Gartner, CRM software totaled $26.3 billion in 2015, up 12.3 percent from $23.4 billion in 2014...


How to Run a Calling Campaign Through Your CRM

Sales reps make an average of 46 calls per day, which means that efficiency gains can have a huge impact...


How to Grade Your Customer Support Effectiveness

For small or single-person businesses, measuring customer support is as simple as paying attention to the response you get from your customers...


7 SMB Marketing Trends for 2017

SMB marketing in 2016 was about driving sales, bringing brand recognition through social media and acquiring new customers...


5 of Our Favorite Customer Service Stories of 2016

Customer service builds trust, and customer trust means your business is in stable space. Not many businesses achieve this space without offering great customer service to their customer...


Our Best Sales Automation Stories This Year

Sales is a cornerstone for every business. If the sales team is not functioning well, it is also fair to say that your business is not doing well...


It’s Celebration Time – Happy Holidays!

It’s that bright and merry time of the year where celebrations are running high and businesses...


All-in-One CRM: Why it Matters

The history of CRM software has been the story of clunky, single-purpose systems that are generally hard to use and challenging to integrate.


Now Your Business Has Push Notification

Arguably one of the killer apps of the smartphone, at least from a marketing perspective, is push notification.


8 of Our Favorite Marketing Automation Stories in 2016

Marketing automation is hot. Nearly 63 percent of businesses are extensively using it...


How to Automate Appointment Scheduling with Agile CRM

If you handle sales, chances are you schedule a lot of appointments.


How to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment with Magento

Shopping cart abandonment is an unfortunate outcome for every e-commerce business—one that hasn’t been cured yet.


Last-Minute Christmas Marketing Ideas

Ok, I’ll admit it: It is just two weeks away from Christmas, and my content marketing business is unprepared for the holiday season.


Executive Coaching Global Streamlined Data Management With Agile CRM

Collecting and managing data takes time. Nearly 20 percent of each work day is spent managing business data.


Building a Better Sales Team

A strong sales force is the backbone of many companies, but that team faces its own particular hurdles.


Turbocharge Invoicing: FreshBooks Integration With Agile CRM

Businesses often make the mistake of picking a CRM that only provides basic automation.


Five Ways Marketing Automation Can Boost Customer Loyalty

Brand loyalty isn’t obtained the same way customers are. It is a satisfied customer who creates brand loyalty...


6 Tips to Personalize Email Marketing for B2B Leads

I get a personalized birthday card from my go-to shopping site thanking me for my business...


8 Ways to Measure if Your Self-Serve Customer Care is Working

If you are reading this, you probably don’t have a call center that is supporting your business.

Updates in
Product Updates

Product Updates

Jan 20, 2017 ( Version: 37.2 )
  • Enhanced ‘Dial Pad’ with ‘Alpha-Numeric’ options.
  • Enhanced ‘Twilio Outbound CallerId’ feature in ‘Contact Edit Page’ to allow users to make direct calls from the outbound number dropdown menu.
  • Added a feature in ‘Deals’ that allows users to view the underlying data for ‘Deal Reports’.
  • Enhanced ‘Domain Level Verification’ feature for Emails.
  • Added ‘Asterisk’ telephony widget under ‘Preferences’.
  • Added new tab ‘Email (DKIM & SPF) Settings’ under ‘Admin Settings’.
  • Added ‘Multi-Currency Supporting’ feature in ‘Deals’ for enterprise users. This allows to create and manage deals in multiple currencies.
  • Added a ‘Shopify’ option in Agile CRM, allowing product name to be added to ‘Deals’ that helps understand the number of products purchased by a certain customer.
  • Enhanced ‘Analytics’ feature with ‘Copy’ button in Admin Settings, which allows users to copy the analytics script.
  • Added ‘Call Conference’ feature for Twilio telephony widget.
  • Added ‘Drop Down Values’ for transparency feature in ‘Form Builder’.
  • Enhanced ‘Online Calendar’ features, allowing to create customized ‘Meeting Types’ with different time frames.
  • Enhanced ‘Outbound SMTP Mails’ option that supports the attachments for personal email.
  • Added ‘Alphabets’ feature in ‘Admin Settings’, displaying the tags based on the selected alphabet.
  • Added ‘Create a Copy’ option in Form Builder.
  • Enhanced ‘Contact’ feature with multiple ‘Tags’ filter in ‘Visitors’ page.
  • Added TinyMCE Editor in ‘Web Rules’.
  • Enhanced ‘Uploading Documents’ feature, to allow uploading documents from local drive in a single step.
  • Added 'SMS Sending' option for domain user to the agents.
  • Added ‘Ozonetel Telephony’ widget.
  • Added navigation bar in ‘Form Builder’.
  • Added ‘Open Link’ option in ‘Landing Pages’ detail editor.
  • Added ‘Background Color’ option in Landing Pages.
  • Enhanced UI/UX for Sales dashboard.
  • Added Form module for all users.
  • Added ‘Twitter Handle’ to Agile CRM’s Chrome extension.
  • Added ‘UserVoice’ to Contact Us and removed it from Dashboard pages.
  • Fixed issues under Integrations.
  • Fixed minor issues in Service dashboard.
  • Added 'Call Transfer' feature in Twilio to allow call transfer between internal users and Voicemail.
  • Added ‘Import Historical Data’ to allow contacts sync for Magento & Shopify users.
  • Added ‘Gmail’ OAuth for SMTP.
  • Added ‘Remove Background Image’ option for Landing Page blocks.
  • Added ‘Ticket Status’ icon & ‘Favorite’ button in Ticket details page.
  • Added ‘Email’ column for Companies.
  • Enhanced UI for DKIM & SPF.
  • Enhanced UI & UX for Sales dashboard.
  • Fixed the ‘Delete and Clone’ actions for Video Blocks.
  • Removed ‘Upgrade’ page and links for iOS users.
  • Added a new sign up feature that allows signing up with Google Apps email ID.
  • Changed ‘Service’ module icon.
  • Enhanced ‘Show Modified Time’ for Email Templates.
  • Added ‘Default Avatar’ for all registered users.
  • Added a tab to block ‘Email Purchase’ for more than 10,000 emails to restrict spammers. Only Support reps can unblock this purchase using ‘Release’ button in Admin Panel
  • Added ‘Show Time’ to show the time comments were inserted in the Feedback Page.
  • Added ‘Web Rules’ to Shopify Store registered users.
  • Enhanced ‘Left Navigation Bar’ to show Sales, Marketing & Service tabs, and individually categorized their drop-down menu.
  • Enhanced Admin Settings to divide "API & Analytics" in to two parts as 'API' & 'Analytics'.
  • Enhanced ‘Email Content’ to block spam URLs.
  • Enhanced Marketing dashboard by rearranging the ‘Dashlets’.
  • Enhanced ‘Video Block’ in Landing Page to allow valid URLs from YouTube & Vimeo.
  • Enhanced UI/UX of Sales dashboard to improve the functionality.
  • Fixed ‘Recaptcha’ issues.
  • Removed ‘Deal’ & ‘Company’ custom fields from Form Builder.
  • Added ‘Enable Authentication’ button on Single Sign-On page.
  • Considering pro-rated amount for Add-ons.
  • Enhanced ‘Notifications’ tab to show Push Notification sent on mobile by default.
  • Andriod App (including Push Notification feature) is now available in Play Store.
  • Added ‘Ticket’ & ‘Call’ shortcuts in the “Add” drop-down option on Main Dashboard.
  • Added ‘Product Code’ option for Products.
  • Added restriction on Campaign Emails count for domains without valid “DKIM & SPF” settings.
  • Enhanced ‘Search’ option for better results.
  • Enhanced ‘Subscription’ via credit card to allow users with card expiry on same month also to opt for subscription.
  • Removed 'Email Templates' link from Preferences.
  • Fixed ‘NullPointerException’ in Support Admin Panel.
  • Added ‘Manage Tracks’ for Deals under ‘Tracks & Milestones’ page in Admin settings.
  • Added ‘Java Script’ option in Landing Page Settings
  • Added 'Tool Tips' across the Marketing automation functions (wherever required).
  • Added team email IDs for ‘Exception’ logs.
  • Enhance UI for Sales Enablement.
  • Enhanced IU for Feedback in Service dashboard.
  • Enhanced UI for Marketing dashboard.
  • Fixed few UI issues in Marketing Automation.
  • Added ‘Contacts Count’ in Email Template with report type in Contact Report Email Template.
  • Added ‘Email Option’ in Production Box when any ‘Exceptions’ occurs.
  • Enhanced ‘Email Tracking’ by adding open and unsubscribe click analysis.
  • Enhanced ‘Call Report’ timeline from seconds to minutes.
  • Enhanced UI in Sales dashboard.
  • Removed ‘Manage Forms’ button from the Landing Pages.
  • Removed ‘Restrictions’ in Activity Dashlet.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘Feedback’ feature.


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