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All-in-One CRM

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Knowledge Base

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Smart Views

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Pre-formatted replies to ensure fast and consistent responses to common questions.

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09 in APR
Product Updates

Product Updates

May 18, 2017 ( Version: 43.7)
  • Two New Reports on Tickets deployed. 1) Total Public Replies by Agent, 2) Total Public Replies by Time Period
  • Implemented 'Also Viewing' option for ‘Ticket Details’ page. (Service Module)
  • Added ‘Company Widgets’ to all the tabs, except ‘Telephony’ tab.For the ‘Social’ tab you can't access ‘Linkedin’ and ‘Email Finder’
  • Now you can make a ‘Ticket’ private
  • Fixed the ‘Deal Milestone’ trigger issue
  • Added the ‘Where to Redirect’ field for redirecting page after form submission in ‘Web Rule’
  • Enhanced the ‘Form Fields’ which are mapped to tag in frontend for permanent and JSAPI
  • Enhanced custom fields 'Search' option, now it’s separated as 'Sortable' and 'Show in Filter', it displays the results on selection
  • Now we can send Bulk Email template
  • Added Phone number, Address, State, City, Zip on companies static filters
  • Now we can select fields for exporting Contacts/Companies
  • Provided an option to choose 'Ticket ID' in Ticket subject for the end user
  • Enhanced auto refreshment of page for a new ticket generation
  • We have hide 'Trash' for non Admin users
  • Enhanced 'Won Deals' feature, where in the user can see the emails of Contact/Companies
  • Added 'Favicon' upload option under page settings of 'Landing Pages'
  • Added an option to disable 'Categories' in Knowledge Base
  • Restricted the Free plan users to access Knowledge Base and Feedback, displaying a message to upgrade the plan
  • Fixed an issue with ‘Tickets’ not getting created, due to server overload
  • Added new feature, now sync Contacts & Companies data with Hubspot
  • Drupal 7.0 version has been introduced
  • Now, multiple forms will work for single webpage, this is only for newly created forms
  • We have added RHS filters on ‘Deals’
  • Added ACL's for 'Videos'
  • Added an option to show/hide the 'Form Name' in ‘Form Builder’ settings
  • Added an 'Image Group' block under Email Template Builder'
  • Modified the 'Feedback Report' icons from Awesome, Good, etc., now showing only 'Good' and 'Bad'
  • Fixed issue, removed the signature when Agent adds a Private note to the ticket
  • Now 'Merge Fields' works on direct emails
  • Ringcentral - Upgrading version files and Enabling Widget
  • We are now supporting Portuguese language for our Agile Dashboard
  • Added zaps for Help Desk (New Ticket Trigger and Create Ticket action)
  • Added ‘Office 365’ data sync widget
  • Now we have ACL's for ‘Deals Export’
  • ‘Online Calendar’ is now in 24hrs format
  • Added SMS ‘Delivered’ and ‘Failed’ events on trigger
  • Users can now sort ‘Contacts’ based on ‘Last called /Last Emailed’
  • Added new feature, 'Getting Started' steps for Sales, Marketing, and Service modules
  • Added ‘Video Emails’ as a separate entity
  • Added ‘Videos Count’ in ‘All Domain’ stats report

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