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How to Find New Leads from LinkedIn

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Now Include Direct PDF Downloads on Agile CRM Forms

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Track Site Visitors with the New Agile CRM Joomla Extension

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How PromptCloud Centralized Data Using Agile CRM

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Automate Deal Value with Our New Products Feature

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Record and Send Video Email Through Agile CRM

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How Contextual Marketing Can Boost Your Business

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3 Keys for Better CRM Onboarding

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7 Tips for Getting More from Industry Events

Agile CRM has grown like gangbusters since we started in 2013, passing the $3 million annual revenue mark earlier this year.


reCAPTCHA in Agile CRM

Website forms are one of the most important assets for capturing leads and visitor details on a company’s website.


5 Email Marketing Trends You Should Know

With every new year comes new technologies, marketing ideas and marketing strategies, but there is one technology that’s probably never going out of style.

Updates in
Product Updates

Product Updates

Dec 02, 2016
  • Added a new sign up feature that allows signing up with Google Apps email ID.
  • Changed ‘Service’ module icon.
  • Enhanced ‘Show Modified Time’ for Email Templates.
  • Added ‘Default Avatar’ for all registered users.
  • Added a tab to block ‘Email Purchase’ for more than 10,000 emails to restrict spammers. Only Support reps can unblock this purchase using ‘Release’ button in Admin Panel
  • Added ‘Show Time’ to show the time comments were inserted in the Feedback Page.
  • Added ‘Web Rules’ to Shopify Store registered users.
  • Enhanced ‘Left Navigation Bar’ to show Sales, Marketing & Service tabs, and individually categorized their drop-down menu.
  • Enhanced Admin Settings to divide "API & Analytics" in to two parts as 'API' & 'Analytics'.
  • Enhanced ‘Email Content’ to block spam URLs.
  • Enhanced Marketing dashboard by rearranging the ‘Dashlets’.
  • Enhanced ‘Video Block’ in Landing Page to allow valid URLs from YouTube & Vimeo.
  • Enhanced UI/UX of Sales dashboard to improve the functionality.
  • Fixed ‘Recaptcha’ issues.
  • Removed ‘Deal’ & ‘Company’ custom fields from Form Builder.
  • Added ‘Enable Authentication’ button on Single Sign-On page.
  • Considering pro-rated amount for Add-ons.
  • Enhanced ‘Notifications’ tab to show Push Notification sent on mobile by default.
  • Andriod App (including Push Notification feature) is now available in Play Store.
  • Added ‘Ticket’ & ‘Call’ shortcuts in the “Add” drop-down option on Main Dashboard.
  • Added ‘Product Code’ option for Products.
  • Added restriction on Campaign Emails count for domains without valid “DKIM & SPF” settings.
  • Enhanced ‘Search’ option for better results.
  • Enhanced ‘Subscription’ via credit card to allow users with card expiry on same month also to opt for subscription.
  • Removed 'Email Templates' link from Preferences.
  • Fixed ‘NullPointerException’ in Support Admin Panel.
  • Added ‘Manage Tracks’ for Deals under ‘Tracks & Milestones’ page in Admin settings.
  • Added ‘Java Script’ option in Landing Page Settings
  • Added 'Tool Tips' across the Marketing automation functions (wherever required).
  • Added team email IDs for ‘Exception’ logs.
  • Enhance UI for Sales Enablement.
  • Enhanced IU for Feedback in Service dashboard.
  • Enhanced UI for Marketing dashboard.
  • Fixed few UI issues in Marketing Automation.
  • Added ‘Contacts Count’ in Email Template with report type in Contact Report Email Template.
  • Added ‘Email Option’ in Production Box when any ‘Exceptions’ occurs.
  • Enhanced ‘Email Tracking’ by adding open and unsubscribe click analysis.
  • Enhanced ‘Call Report’ timeline from seconds to minutes.
  • Enhanced UI in Sales dashboard.
  • Removed ‘Manage Forms’ button from the Landing Pages.
  • Removed ‘Restrictions’ in Activity Dashlet.
  • Fixed an issue in ‘Feedback’ feature.
  • Allowing customers to purchase add-ons [Permissions(ACLs), Campaigns, Triggers] if their existing plan does not support.
  • Added “Theme & Layout” option in Preferences.
  • Enhanced ‘Preload Setting’ to make it a default one.
  • Enhanced UI of Email Template.
  • Enhanced ‘Support Admin’ panel.
  • Added ‘New Fields’ for Zapier integration.
  • Enhanced UI for ‘Call Reports’ & ‘Call Dashlets’
  • Enhanced ‘Deals’ feature to allow users to add companies in Related Contact fields.
  • Enhanced UI of the app.
  • Fixed minor issue in ‘Deals’
  • Fixed ‘Custom’ field for ‘Last Name’ in Contacts & Company page.
  • Fixed minor issue in ‘Events’ dashlet.
  • Added ‘Unsubscribe’ link to default templates in Email Builder.
  • Added ‘Unsubscribe’ merge field to Email Builder Editor.
  • Added ‘Hidden Field’ option in ‘Form Builder’.
  • Added ‘Count’ and ‘Report’ type in Contacts Reports email template.
  • Enhanced ‘Name Format’ feature in ‘Advanced’ tab, now users can swap (First Name First, Last Name Last & First Name Last, Last Name First) contact names.
  • Added “Webhook API” that allows developers to Create, Get and Delete webhook for enterprise plan.
  • Added ‘warning & alert’ messages when a user account reaches 80% and 100% contacts limit.
  • Fixed ‘Upload Images’ issue for “Landing Pages” & “Push Notifications”.
  • Optimized ‘DashBoard’ performance.
  • Fixed minor issue with ‘Contacts & Companies’ direct email from pop-over.
  • Added ‘Dynamic Content’ feature in “Landing Pages” wherein user can dynamically change either text, button or image of a landing page based on web rules.
  • Added ‘Verify’ button to “Track Code” to allow users to validate Agile track code of their website with app default track code.
  • Added a feature to display ‘Deal Tags’, ‘Deal Tags Time’ and ‘Tags Epoch Time’ in “Deals CSV Export”.
  • Added ‘Download’ functionality for contacts and companies export to show user activities with download link.
  • Added ‘Help Video’ icon in “Campaigns” list page.
  • Added wait-time for creation and cancelation of “Events” from email.
  • Enhanced ‘Getting Started’ dashlet for Marketing Automation dashboard.
  • Enhanced ‘Events Emails’ such that user can opt to receive or not receive event emails.
  • Minor enhancement to “Google Sync”, now users need not reset the Credentials in Google sync when user moves from Google to Agile and vice versa.
  • Enhanced “Deals CSV Export” to allow a count of 10 notes for each deal.
  • Fixed minor issue in ‘Never Contacted’ filter.
  • Fixed minor UI issue in ‘Contact Timeline’.
  • Added “Products” feature to ‘Deals’ where customer can create product catalogs and deal value can be calculated based on product value.
  • Added “EDocuments” feature to ‘Documents’ where users can create e-documents with product catalogs and send the same in emails.


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