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Gary R Wagner

MD - Annapolis

Excellent support. You all are the best I have ever seen in my 30 years working in technology.

Daniel Goghlin

Daniel Goghlin

I love Agile so far. I have used MS Crm for the last 3 years and I'm impressed so far.


Logan Boyce

Coach - Keller Williams Realty

Just wanted to say thank you. This CRM seems completely beast. Thank you for creating this masterpiece.


Niklas Appelmann

Owner - smartbusiness

You guys simply blew my mind. This is the best CRM I have ever seen.

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From Agile CRM Blog


Ways to Increase Your Repeat Customers

Businesses put much of their marketing efforts on customer acquisition. Though this is vital for gaining more revenue.


5 Important Marketing Assets to A/B Test and Why

As a marketer, you want to create customers. That’s what you do. It also means you need to streamline the process for good results.


6 Best Practices For Support Ticket Prioritization

Support service is one aspect of business that is essential to every industry. Regardless of industry, it is crucial to deliver the best service possible to all customers.


Hola – Our App is Now Available in Spanish!

How apt will it be if you can navigate your Agile CRM app in your native language? Sounds pretty slick.


Game Of Thrones – The Story Of Marketing

Another ‘Game of Thrones’ season has ended and all the series fanatics are waiting to see who’s going to win the Iron Throne.


Does Twitter Marketing Work?

There are 6,000 tweets sent out every minute. Brand engagement is an entirely different issue. That said, SMBs can connect with their customers pretty consistently.


6 Ways to Perfect Your On-boarding Process

After spending many days (and nights) on persuasion, providing information and building a relationship.


Warm Call Transfer (Beta Release)

Telephony is crucial to the success of your sales process and that is something every sales person will vouch for. With Agile CRM’s.


Automate Calls When a Lead is Assigned

Calling is still the most popular channel of communication. It is a very active way of connecting to people, as everyone takes a note of a call coming their way.


SEO Strategies for Every Content Marketer

As a content marketer, your client will be expecting you to optimize content and rank higher in Google searches. Additionally.


8 Tricks for Better Social Media Automation

Social media automation has both positive and negative aspects. The debate is still going on with individuals and businesses exploring the vast potential of it.


Save Time by Running Agile CRM Through WordPress

An efficient CRM provides you all the necessary features to understand and engage with your customers throughout the life cycle.


Why You Need Mobile CRM for Your Sales Agents

With mobile now taking a starring role in computing, businesses that are still stuck with stationary CRM systems need a big makeover and need to push themselves to gain mobility...


Chat is for Bots. Real People Want Click-to-Call

A lot has been written lately about how bots will replace humans for customer service. On the back of WeChat’s success with bots in the Chinese market...


5 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid

Isaac Asimov rightly said “Change is the only constant.” In a world that thrives on eternal change...


Pokémon Go and Agile CRM

Millions of people are headed outdoors, with cell phones in hand, in the search for digital creatures while playing the game, Pokémon Go...


Five Tips to Connect with Customers by Email

Some quick food for thought for a business that thrives on email marketing is that it’s not just about sending organized ‘blasts’ to prospects and customers...


Why Agile Helpdesk And Not The Others?

Earlier, for an SMB, the whole purpose of having a CRM was to enable easy contact management using automation...


Our Favorite Better Sales Tips

A reported 2 percent of sales deals are cracked at the first contact. Prospects who buy at first contact know the sales rep...


6 Tips to Synchronize Marketing and Sales Lead Management

Marketing and sales teams needs to synchronize with each other for lead management, but they still have different approaches...


Everything You Need to Know About Web Pop-Ups

There is a misconception that pop-ups are annoying and don’t work. This is wrong...


The 5 Rules of Social Media for SMBs

Businesses can give a dramatic spin to their customer engagement activities and increase the customer base by leveraging the power of social media...


8 Benefits of Marketing Automation for Other Areas of Your Business

Does marketing automation benefit the marketing department? Obviously, but what you might not realize is that marketing automation...

27 Jul

5 Tactics for Warming a Cold Lead

Nurturing leads is a hard work, but more often than not, sales reps have to drop few leads because of no response. Moreover, when it is time to drop an unresponsive lead...

26 Jul

4 Ways to Automate E-commerce Customer Support

For any e-commerce organization, having swift customer support is crucial. However, a strict dependency on manual customer service can rarely deliver real-time support due to the time it takes...

25 Jul

5 Keys to Appointment Scheduling Automation

Ever wondered how to get close to qualified leads and strike a conversation that eventually clinches the deal...

22 Jul

5 Tips for Advanced Email Personalization

Everyone is aware of loads of opportunities that personalization brings. This comes as a boon to marketers and entrepreneurs to meet their goals and objectives...

21 Jul

5 Essential Marketing Automation Features for Better Sales

The inconsistent alignment of sales and marketing teams can lead to frequent product conflicts, and this in turn affects the customer experience...

20 Jul

Join Our Awesome New Affiliate Program

A healthy 20 percent commission is nice. But without any additional work? And with 60-day window? That borders on too good to be true...

19 Jul

3 Great Tips to Convert Visitors Who Abandon Your Site

If you are a small or medium-sized business, you are bound to use email marketing to promote your brand...

Updates in

Product Updates

Aug 19, 2016
  • Added advanced ‘Search’ option that enables search by contact, company, deals, documents, and tickets.
  • Added a feature for Twitter Sales Prospecting in the Chrome extension.
  • Added a feature in the Chrome extension to identify LinkedIN profiles and companies from Google, based on any keywords and add them to your leads database, to increase your sales.
  • Added ACL for Landing Pages and Visitors.
  • Moved the position of ‘Edit’ option for Contacts, Companies and Deals from the drop down.
  • Now Companies export has tags and tags created time data in export CSV.
  • Added functionality to dial extensions (DTMF) during a Skype call.
  • Now users can create Company by using JS API.
  • Added an option to disable ‘unsubscribe’ confirmation email.
  • Made web rules – standout-form, minimal-form, elegant-form and choice multi-survey more responsive across various devices.
  • Enhanced functionality to merge contacts within the selected companies.
  • Split Manage Deals in ACLs to ‘Update Deals’ & ‘Delete Deals’.
  • Enhanced CSV import failed response file to show both failed contacts and merged contacts.
  • Performance improvements to ‘Revenue by Source’ report.
  • Fixed minor issues in Landing Pages.
  • Added a language option that enables users to view the CRM interface in Spanish. They can switch between English and Spanish languages through Preferences  Advanced tab.
  • Added Owner phone number merge field “{{}}” in CRM.
  • Added 2 new columns to contacts listing page - ‘Last Called’ & ‘Last Emailed’.
  • Added a new element under ‘Teams’ block of landing pages.
  • Enhanced functionality to sort tasks based on their due date.
  • Enhanced UI with colors and animations.
  • Fixed an issue with contact name that doesn't show up on Visitor tab.


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