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Improve customer relations by querying customers and analyzing customer feedback

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Understand your customers and their needs better by querying them about your product and service. Allow customers to voice their concerns and positive feedback on support provided to them, and use this data to analyze your support services. Regular feedback and its analysis will allow you to improve your support services and to provide exceptional support to your customers.

Support services are the key to business success, and feedback assists the service team to optimize their interactions with the customers.

Collect Feedback

Collect Feedback

Solving the tickets in real-time is crucial, at the same time, asking customers for a feedback on closed tickets is also important. Send automated feedback email to customers whenever a ticket is closed, and request the customer to provide feedback on agent’s ticket resolving abilities. Regular feedback will allow your service team to manage the tickets in an improved manner.

Feedback Leaderboard

Understand how your team of agents are working on a daily basis, who’s performing well and who’s need to improve using Feedback leaderboard. The feedback dashboard will offer insights on agents daily productivity, tickets assigned, tickets resolved, feedback ratings and such. Using these insights, you can reward the best performers and suggest skill enhancement to bad performers.



Analyze Customer Experience

Comparing the feedback on regular basis will allow you to understand how the customer feels about the product and services. Customer experience plays a major part in a acquiring new customers and in business’ success, hence being familiar with how the customer is perceiving your support service and product is crucial and valuable. Using this feedback, businesses can enhance their product to better suit the customer needs.

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