Smart Views

See how your team is moving the dial and ensure best-in-class customer support.

When you use Agile CRM as your company’s helpdesk, you can take advantage of the ability to get at-a-glance insights from your dashboard. Configure your smart views to give you quick updates on the metrics you need to follow. Keep your finger on the pulse of your customer support efforts.

Collect Feedback

Track Your Progress

See how your team is moving the needle by configuring your Agile CRM dashboard to display the customer support metrics that are most important to you. Get at-a-glance views of ticket status, open tickets, tickets closed and more.

Improve Performance

Create smart views that help you stay informed on the results of your helpdesk ticketing. Check in to ensure that tickets are being addressed and closed in a timely manner. Ensure you know when closure time is starting to lag so you can course correct accordingly.



Increase Efficiency

When you and your team can quickly glance at smart views of important metrics, you free yourself of having to run time-consuming reports to get that same insight. This frees your time so you can focus on higher value tasks.

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