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Sales Enablement Software
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Every organization strives to create a customer experience that stands out as a differentiating factor. And the most vital part of a great customer experience is an empowered sales force that can make the most of every customer interaction. The more ‘enabled’ your sales force, the better the customer experience. That’s why Agile CRM is the best sales enablement software for small business.

Understanding Sales Enablement

Most organizations tend to confuse sales enablement with marketing automation or sales automation. It is important to understand that sales enablement does not refer to a single function or role. It covers each and every aspect that is important for a sales rep to deliver on targets and performance metrics. It encompasses all activities undertaken by an organization to support its sales force before, during and after each customer interaction.

Onboarding & Training

Sales enablement starts right from the moment a sales rep is inducted into the team. It covers the various instructor-led and self-paced training modules that introduce the sales rep to the products, processes and sales methodologies across the organization.

Collateral Management

Strong sales enablement tools ensure that all sales-related content is updated and available to the sales reps at the right time through an interface that allows easy search and browsing functionalities.

Customer Knowledge

The single most important enabler for any sales rep is a comprehensive view of the customer. It allows the sales reps to know the customer preferences and behaviors before pitching and customize their communication accordingly. It also allows the sales reps to track all interactions in a centralized manner and pass on the relevant data back the marketing teams.

Performance Management

An enabled sales force has a complete view of its targets and other sales metrics and is also able to predict actual realizations based on sales funnel visibility. That's why it's important to select the best sales enablement software available.

Embarking on the Sales Enablement Journey

The following questions will help you assess how mature your organization is with regards to sales enablement.

1. Does your sales force have a complete view of the customer profile and interaction history at the point of sale?
2. Is sales collateral available in a centralized manner at the point of sale?
3. Does your organization follow a defined sales process which is aligned to your target customer’s buying process?
4. Does your sales force undergo regular training to keep itself updated with latest product and competitor developments?
5. Does data flow seamlessly between your marketing and sales teams in a bi directional manner?
6. Are the performance metrics for your sales force clearly defined?
7. Are you able to predict sales by having a view at your sales pipeline?

If the answer to most of the above questions is NO, your organization needs to gear up and consider implementing a sales enablement strategy. There are some important steps that need to be followed before implementing sales enablement software.

First step is to map out your customer’s buying process. This process is specific to an organization and its products. It varies significantly in B2B versus B2C scenarios. The sales process therefore, needs to be aligned to the buying process. The relevant metrics to be tracked for each step also need to be documented as part of the sales process.

Second step is to identify all relevant team members who can contribute to the content for sales – not only the sales team, but also the marketing team, product team, customer feedback team and the IT team as well. Roles for creation and administration of the content should be clearly defined to maintain consistency across teams communicating with the end customer.

The final step is to map the sales content to each step of the selling process defined earlier. This content will include case studies, sales training materials, proposal decks, sample contracts, demo materials, industry news, user manuals, price lists and more. This also includes collating and arranging all existing content from disparate systems in a centralized manner.

Once these steps are complete, your organization is ready to start with the implementation of sales enablement tool. While choosing the sales enablement application, it is crucial to keep in mind its ‘ease of use’ as it is the single most important factor contributing to adoption. Also, continuous communication with your sales teams, application training and readiness assessments will ensure that your sales team is ready for the sales enablement software just when the software is ready for them.

Sales Enablement Features

Customer View

360-Degree Customer View

Know your customer’s profile, social presence, web activity and track every interaction through a neatly arranged timeline tracking the customer’s journey.

Defined Sales Process

Track your deals in accordance with defined milestones and predict revenue better with complete sales pipeline visibility.

Track Multiple Deal

Performance Reporting

Performance Tracking

Track each and every key performance indicator (KPI) with cohort analysis, conversion reports and advanced analytics.


With Agile CRM, it is possible to engage your sales force like never before by treating sales like a game. Features include custom leader boards, real-time alerts and advanced sales metrics. Just one more reason Agile CRM is the best sales enablement software for small business.

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It can be overwhelming to choose the right sales enablement software because of the extensive variety of solutions available in the market. For professional assistance in your sales enablement journey, you can reach out to us on

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