Real-time Alerts

Instant notifications about contacts, leads and user activities

real time notifications

Finally, a CRM that works in real time. Agile CRM makes it easy to set up custom alerts for instant notifications.
Get alerts based on contact actions, such as email opens, link clicks and web browsing activity, and CRM user activities, such as new deals or incoming sales calls.

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Email opens and link clicks

Email campaigns should never be a mystery. Agile CRM includes sophisticated email tracking software that anyone can use. Get real-time alerts when an email is opened or a link is clicked. No more guessing games, only results.

email notifications

website notifications

Website visit notifications

Web visit notifications tell you when a customer is browsing your site and which page is holding their interest. Is a hot lead browsing your pricing page? Call them immediately and close the deal.

In-app & HTML5 notifications

How you're notified is up to you. Set up real-time popups and sound notifications that work even when you're browsing the web or on another call. Take action in real time for real results.

in-app and html5 notifications

lead tracking

Track all or specific leads

Choose to track every CRM contact, only the leads that are assigned to you, or only your hottest leads - contacts assigned to you and starred. Create your own workflow for the ultimate sales automation.

Notifications for CRM activity

Get real-time alerts about CRM activity. Know about Deals, Tags, Contacts and Calls at just the right time, automatically. Real-time alerts are perfectly coordinated with our sales and marketing automation.

crm activity notifications

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Co-founder - IKO System

I've seen and used dozens of CRMs. This one may change the market upside down. Absolutely great, easy-to-use and powerful.


Gary Tramer

Head of Strategy - WebReception

Agile CRM is the coolest, easiest and by far the most productive CRM I've ever used. Within 20 minutes we had customized the CRM, sent out a complex outbound email campaign and are already converting our leads. Insane!


Ron Kaplan

Sales and Business Development - Espresso Logic

Agile CRM is an exciting and powerful system. The capability to create complex workflows to customize our interaction with prospects is immensely useful and easy - simply a matter of drag and drop.


Megan Pillsbury

Operations Director - Applied Wine

We like Agile CRM because it's built for a combination of offline/online business, like a SaaS company that manages enterprise deals. It's full of features, but doesn't feel cluttered as they keep things clean and simple. And we love that they keep adding integrations.

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FREE for 10 Users. No credit card required.