Social Listening

Know what the market is talking about and proactively participate in the conversation.

A great deal of dialogue takes place on social media these days. It can be positive or negative, and being aware of it can help you make more strategic decisions about the nature of your marketing efforts. Agile CRM’s social suite helps you stay abreast of what the market is talking about so that you can influence the direction of the conversation.

Collect Feedback

Monitor Mentions of Your Brand

Create data streams that alert you when someone mentions your company on social media. Aggregate those comments and analyze them. Keep your finger on the pulse of market sentiment around your brand.

Listen to Industry Influencers

Who is influencing the prospects in your market? Influencers are key sources of information that your prospects listen to. Track what they are saying to identify trends and insight that you can incorporate into your marketing efforts.



Identify Customer Concerns

Use Agile CRM’s social listening tool to get notifications when someone voices a concern or dissatisfaction with your product or service. Resolve issues when they arise rather than letting the conversation about those issues escalate on social media.

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