Canned Responses

Increase the efficiency and accuracy of your customer support team, while reducing response times and boosting customer satisfaction.

Your customer support team handles numerous support tickets each day, and maintaining quick initial response times is crucial. Your brand is often judged on the level and quality of customer support your team provides. Canned responses allow you to prepackage numerous email responses to commonly asked questions and route them out in an instant when a common question comes in. Transform your customer support team into a well-oiled machine and grow your reputation in the market.

Canned Responses

Reduced Response Times

When a support rep sees a commonly asked question come into their inbox, they can open the canned response for that question and send it immediately, reducing response times and allowing your reps to move through more tickets each day.

Multiple Canned Responses

Create a canned response for any situation imaginable. Keep a cache of responses for things such as sharing instructions around a specific process, requesting additional time to respond in full, or providing a commonly requested document.



Consistent Messaging

Craft the canned responses for your entire team and ensure that everyone is staying on message and conveying the same information in the same way. Consistent messaging is particularly important when the same customer speaks to multiple support reps, so ensure the message is consistent across the board.

Personalized Responses

When sending a canned response, personalize the message by pulling in the customer’s name, ticket status, etc. automatically. You choose the fields you wish to populate and the system does the rest, ensuring that even canned responses convey a personal approach to customer interaction.


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