Support Workflows

Automate the time-consuming elements of customer support administration so your reps can focus more energy on each one-on-one interaction.

Customer support workflows help you automate the routine administration of incoming tickets and the process that moves them through to resolution. Use workflows to set priority, status, route incoming tickets and ensure your SLAs are met.

Collect Feedback

Define Priority

Put in place support workflows that automate the process of assigning priority to incoming support tickets. Use Agile CRM’s web rules to set the criteria that determines a ticket’s priority and the system will automatically prioritize the ticket.

Set Status

Configure the system to update the status of an open helpdesk ticket when specified actions have been taken. For example, use a trigger that tracks responses to open tickets and changes their status to “Replied.”



Route Incoming Tickets

Create workflows that recognize the customer submitting a new ticket, then routes that ticket to the appropriate support rep based on pre-set criteria that you define.

Meet SLAs

Set up support workflows that track open cases and alert you when the ticket’s service level agreement resolution time exceeds the due date, expediting case closure and keeping your team focused and on track.



Ensure Consistency

By putting in place workflows that define the processes that your team is expected to adhere to, you align all your support reps around those processes. Customers expect consistency in customer support, and with Agile CRM’s workflows, you can easily give it to them.

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