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Find new buyers, manage old buyers, grow sales and client base, and build a rich real estate business using many seamless features of Agile CRM that will give you the power to automate your daily tasks easily.

Real Estate CRM – Manage Clients, Sell Properties, Build Contacts

For every realtor, being abreast with latest property listings and tracking potential buyers is very essential. To add to this, it is crucial to be in constant contact with past and new buyers and check leads progress. What your real estate business requires is a simple yet effective CRM system that will manage and automate your daily tasks and allow you to handle your buyers and sellers efficiently.

At Agile’s CRM for Real Estate, you can find email marketing, lead tracking, newsletter automation, website integration and more such benefitting features. From now on, follow-ups with the clients will be easier, finding hot leads will be simpler, and automating mails and syncing calendar will be quicker with the help of this all-in-one Real Estate CRM.

Effective Email Marketing

Get personalized graphic emails, create nurture campaigns easily, plan automated email campaigns, and track campaigns efficiently. Do all this and more using Agile’s Email Marketing Feature.

Email marketing in Agile’s Real Estate CRM, enables you to send messages to individuals or groups from within the CRM. The correspondence with a particular contact can be seen on the timeline and the history can be used to establish any further communication. This comes handy when the client-sourcing agent is no longer with your company. With CRM for Real Estate, you can integrate other email services such as Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, IMAP from Agile’s email connectors. This makes every conversation stay in your radar.

Email marketing
Generate E-Newsletters

Generate E-Newsletters

Find professionally pre-designed templates, simple ready-to-use customizable emails and automate activity/event mails. Edit content and templates to match your requirements only with Agile CRM.

This feature of Real Estate CRM adds another feather to your activities related to better customer engagement.

Smart Contact Management

Using Real Estate CRM, browse through buyers’ profiles and history to keep a track of on-going and past dealings.

Develop strong relationships with current and past clients. Organize your interaction history and group contacts and get more done between colleagues and customers. This enables the business to measure the brand’s traction with the customer and at what stage of buying cycle he/she is exactly in. This ultimately results in better nurture process to close the deals. That’s another good reason to adopt CRM for Real Estate.

Smart Contact Management
Track Reports

Close Leads & Track Reports

Real Estate CRM offers a 360˚ view of leads and reports, close deals and track every transaction. This gives a unified view for better understanding and tracking of leads.

Sync Calendar & Manage Tasks

With CRM for Real Estate, the process of merging calendars with various devices and managing tasks & events looks like a walk in the park.

Manage Tasks
Document Storage

Document Storage

Real Estate CRM helps you store, view, edit and share different client-related documents such as contracts, titles, court orders, property photos, lease agreements, appraisals, eviction notices, video tours, animated walkthroughs and more. You can make an inventory of the reports and edit them as per your requirement.

CRM for Real Estate also automates document workflow so as to review and submit them for approval at later stage.

Easy Website Tracking

Real Estate CRM enables you to track the analytics of websites visited by the clients and keep a tab on pages visited most. This helps businesses to check the exit intent of the visitors and take up appropriate measures to hold them onto the website.

Easy Website Tracking

Deal/Opportunity Management

Manage deals or opportunities with new, old and recurring buyers easily.


Make, receive and record calls from many buyers and sellers. Get custom & default reports on various tasks

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