CRM for Sales Development Representatives – Track Sales Calls. Manage Emails. Perform Better.

SDR CRM – Track Sales Calls. Manage Emails. Perform Better.

Sales development representatives (SDR) need to make calls, track emails, follow-up with leads and manage tasks daily. In addition, there is a constant pressure to perform better and bring more leads. What the SDR team needs is a CRM that can automate the daily tasks, plan email campaigns, manage contacts and track contacts’ activities. They require a CRM that can efficiently handle and optimize the sales process.

Using Agile CRM, SDR team can create and customize email campaigns for leads, personalize and automate follow-up emails, assign and monitor tasks at various levels, track and manage calls and be more productive. Now sales development representatives can reach out to more prospects and make more calls by using this all-in-one CRM.

Use Chrome Extension for Lead Prospecting

Add contact details directly from any webpage and automate contact clipping from various social media channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook using Chrome extension. You can instantly add leads, tasks and deals directly in the CRM using this extension. You can manage sales easily, view upcoming tasks, handle data, and sync contacts while browsing the web.


Ease in Lead Nurturing

Nurture leads through improved communication using call scripts, notes and emails. Understand prospects and leads in a better way by analyzing various data saved during calls and emails exchange. Use campaigns to send emails to individual prospects and leads easily.

Single Page Contact Management

Find powerful yet simple graphical timelines, daily social updates, regular web activities and easy contact segmentation. Now you can manage contacts easily under one single page view.

Contact Management Overview
Automated Calendar

Automate Tasks & Events

Create, allot and manage events and tasks easily by synchronizing calendar with that of other team members. Check daily events, deadlines and appointments of every team member under one calendar.

Accelerate Calling with Auto Dialer

Perform one click calling, direct call answering, voice automation, call recording and access call logs and history under individual contact’s page. Schedule and automate follow-ups directly after the call for improved services.

Call campaigns
Call recording

Quick Email Automation

Use personalized graphic emails. Create plan and track campaigns efficiently. Edit content and templates to match your requirements and do more using Agile’s Email Marketing Feature.

Contact Level Analytics

Now track your contact’s web behavior and activities easily using Agile CRM Analytics. Here you can check the page visits and clicks of individual contacts.

Track Contact’s Web Behavior
Daily Reports and Activities

Create Reports and Activities

Manage your daily reports and activities by attaching specific documents to individual contacts or store them in the system itself.

Gamify Your Sales

Motivate your sales representatives by creating leader boards based on different KPIs such as lead score, email opens, link clicks, deal milestones and many more.

Gamification Leaderboard

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