What is Helpdesk Software?

Helpdesk software automates your service process to improve your support services.

Helpdesk is a colloquial term of a business function that offers solutions/answers to customer’s queries. In layman’s term, it is the customer service provided to customers in times of a grievance. Customers usually contact the help service desk to gain a solution for their problem or query. A service agent of any business (particularly offering these services) needs to address the customer queries and solves it . The customer experience and satisfaction with your business and its product is dependent on the type of customer service provided.

What is helpdesk software?

Helpdesk software is a tool that automates this customer service process for the service team. Typically, this software automates three important parts of service – Ticket Management, Reporting & Optimization, and Feedback. These three form the core of the service team operations and can be helpful. Here’s how:

Ticket Management

The software saves all the tickets raised by the customers under one system and agents can pull these tickets depending on any pre-defined tags or filters. It automates first replies and ticket segmentation depending on urgency. It logs all complains and query from emails to calls, and allows agents to answer queries on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Service team leads or agents can also assign tickets based on requirement or group tickets based on for which team the ticket was raised – sales or support.

Reporting & Optimization

The software helps the service team to keep a log of tickets raised and resolved in a day. The average first response rate, average of tickets resolved and unresolved, individual agent’s production data and more can be understood using this software. It helps the leads to understand the everyday ticket load on the team, turnaround time during peaks hours, and more. It helps leads optimize the process when and where required and offers regular reports on various aspects – tickets, productivity, unresolved issues and the likes.


The software allows automatic feedback form generation that will be sent to the customer as and when the ticket is closed. It helps to manage and analyze customer feedback depending on the ratings and reviews, and provide an estimate of the customer satisfaction score (CSAT). Understand which agents have positive and negative service feedback and depending on that analyze which agent needs improvement plan. Leads can manage feedback based on good and bad, and analyze how unsatisfied customers can be retained.

With the modern technology and its advancement, Helpdesk software is able to able real-time services using it’s self-service portals and live chats. Features like these allow businesses to be online for their customers 24/7, thereby improving the whole customer experience and easing the service process. This software makes the processes quicker than usual with its canned responses and automated feedback process. A self-service portal with all the expert product information and other related knowledge is helpful for the customers as well as the agents. The software acts as a central information centre for the service team and any team member can take over a difficult issue or understand the status of a ticket within minutes.

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