How Can Hepldesk Help in Dealing with Frustrated Customers?

Helpdesk streamlines your service process, and with that,
it allows you to better your customer service for frustrated customers.

Angry customers are a part of customer service process; it cannot be avoided and should never be ignored. No matter which industry you are in, what business you handle and what country you live in, always at some point of your professional life you will find a frustrated customer.

However, the way you handle your frustrated customers, diffuse the adverse situation to turn it into a positive outcome is what matters the most. Offering support service to customer is not being the right one, instead it is about willing to make things right. All that an irate customer wants is to get his/her query resolved at the earlier. Hence, it is crucial that the service agents make such tickets as their priority.

How Can Hepldesk Help in Dealing with Frustrated Customers?

Especially in a the times where we are using Helpdesk service tools, it becomes imperative to first handle the irate customers and move to the calm lot. However, how can agents ensure that they are reaching out to the frustrate customers first when using a helpdesk system?

Here’s how it can be done:

Automate First Replies

Helpdesk can easily help in triggering automated first replies. Canned response feature in this system can help the service agents to get to the customers faster than expected. A frustrated customer wants reassurance that his/her issue is being looked into and sending a first reply with reassuring confidence can be helpful.A reply as soon as the ticket has been raised can comfort an irate customer a little, and also buys you sometime to understand the issue and resolve it as soon as you can.

Add Tags To Manage Urgent Queries

A helpdesk system with all its automation tools and features will help you tag and organize all your urgent tickets in one place. Once the tickets starts coming in for the day, the service lead can start filtering them based on urgency and tag them accordingly. These tickets should be allotted first to the agents so that they can start resolving them before customer plans to come back again. Having a tag feature in a Helpdesk helps a lot as it easily filters tickets on priority, country and various other basis. Based on tags even if the tickets have not been allotted by the leads, agents can pick them on urgency basis and start getting on phone with customers.

Use Customer History

A helpdesk is the place where you keep all your data, and if your helpdesk is integrated with your CRM then it is even better. Integrations help you accumulate all the data under one system and you can easily consume the customer history. Access to customer history allows you to analyze the customer behavior with the product and see this is a recurring issues hence the frustration. Insights like this can be helpful when the agents get on the call with the frustrated customers. An understanding on their likes and dislikes can be used in the conversation to diffuse the tension and to handle the customer better. The chances are the issue is not a massive one, but at times, the chances are that it is a big issue. Agents able to talk to customers in a calm composed and discuss the issue can be easily achieved if the agents have a background on the customers.

Building Knowledge Base

It is always easier that you create a knowledge for your customers, just in case. Especially when it comes to frustrated customers, sending the first reply with a link to knowledge base can help them in solving or understanding the issue for the time being. While they are at it self-serving themselves, agents can start working from there end and see if it’s an issue that requires their intervention. Knowledge base with training and product videos, how-to articles and videos, product expert articles, webinar recordings and more can be helpful. Self-service portal in a helpdesk always comes in handy especially with difficult customers as you can assist them with resolving the issue on their own.

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