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Customer Self-Service

Find quick answers to all your common questions using this self-service portal

Help customers to understand and solve their queries themselves by offering a knowledge base. This information directory acts a self-service for customers who are looking for quick answers to all of their queries, questions and doubts. With the help of this database, support agents can easily solve tickets by sharing and sending related content pieces and enhancing the self-service experience of the customers.

The information can be stored in various content pieces such as how-to guides or videos, checklist, blogs, training modules, FAQs, infographics, e-books and whitepapers.

Collect Feedback

Convert Common Queries

Convert common queries into FAQs and other content pieces to ensure the information is easy to consume. Monitor common queries to create FAQs, blogs, how-to articles and guides and more that helps you expand knowledge base. Create the Help webpage and add these content pieces to your knowledge base repository. This content repository will offer quick access to customers by allowing them to do a free text search.

Quick Sharing

After adding the content to the database and enabling the Help landing page to go live, customers can access the information from the site anytime anywhere. The content can be divided into various categories that can be further divided into sections, depending on the requirement. Agents can share the Help page or particular content links with the customers while resolving tickets. The Help page link can be added in Support ticket replies, live chats, triggered emails and more.



Simple Clear-cut Content

Customers’ needs are simple – they want their queries to be solved easily and quickly. This self-service knowledge portal will provide exactly that by offering easy-to-understand, clear-cut content to solve queries without agent’s interference. Add and share case studies, training modules on features and integrations, quick guides and more to simplify the self-serving experience of your customers.

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FREE for 10 Users. No credit card required.