Multi Chat Windows

Reduce response times and minimize the backlog of open customer support tickets.

Your customer support team is constantly receiving new issues to address. With live chat windows, they can close potential tickets in much less time. And when they can assist multiple customers simultaneously, response times and ticket backlogs are drastically reduced.

Multi Chat Windows

Greater Support Efficiency

On-screen chats don’t always move as quickly as you’d like, meaning your customer support reps may spend lots of time waiting for the customer to respond. Increase efficiency with multi chat windows that allow live chat representatives to handle multiple chats simultaneously.

Increased Productivity

When support reps can chat with multiple customers at the same time, it saves time, allowing them to address and close more helpdesk tickets each day. This reduces your ticket backlog and keeps customers satisfied with response times.



Workforce Management

When support reps can work through more live chats at a time, they help keep your open tickets to a minimum. This means that you need fewer support reps to accomplish the same amount of work, allowing you to manage your workforce accordingly.

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