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For a CRM system to generate a 360-degree customer view and drive maximum ROI, it should seamlessly integrate with all relevant enterprise applications. Our developer resources will help you do just that. We provide comprehensive documentation for all Agile CRM APIs, including frontend and backend RESTful APIs as well as readymade components.

Cutting Edge REST APIs

A web developer can be more productive with creating and consuming REST APIs because it just like working with a web page. REST supports JSON - the native data format for JavaScript which is the most ubiquitous web language. Use REST APIs to integrate with a wide variety of wrappers including Java, PHP, .NET and with standard web applications such as Unbounce. We provide reference documentation for various CRM objects including Contacts, Campaigns, Deals, Tasks and more.

Ready to Deploy Components

For commonly used front-end functionalities such as lead capture, we provide ready to use components such as Landing Page APIs and Popup APIs. For user interface customization and intelligent web notifications, widget APIs and Webhook APIs have been provided. Agile CRM also provides Single Sign-On (SSO) integration which is a must for good user experience and data security.

All our APIs along with readme documents and screenshots have been uploaded on the GitHub portal. We keep updating our API library regularly. For any further assistance or queries, developers can email us on

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