Customer Support Analytics

Detailed metrics and reporting that provide actionable data to continually improve customer support performance.

Your customer support team is in many ways the foundation for maintaining a satisfied customer base. Customer support analytics ensure that your team is always operating at maximum capacity with the ability to constantly monitor and analyze performance, and course correct when you find kinks in the process.

Collect Customer Support Feedback

Analyze Performance

Keep your finger on the pulse of how your customer support team is performing by tracking metrics such as tickets closed, average time to resolve issues, live chats closed, and more.

Maintain Insight

Configure your Agile CRM dashboard to display important metrics around customer support. Get a quick update each time you log in with at-a glance- metrics in an easy-to-digest format.



Form Strategy

Use customer support analytics to identify bottlenecks in your process, with a big picture view into how your team is performing. Devise strategy for improving response times with reporting that provides actionable data.

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