360 Degree Contact View

View everything you need to know about each contact on a single page and deliver a personalized experience with every customer or prospect interaction.

A 360 degree contact view allows your team to maintain maximum insight into who your customers and prospects are, making it easier to engage them with the right message. A built-in contact manager lets you manage your contacts in a centralized address book, accessible from your dashboard. Every interaction with a contact is tracked and updated in real time for all your users to see.

Collect Feedback

Build Contact Profiles

Build a detailed profile for each contact that includes contact information, communication history, social media profiles, interests, points of engagement, lead scores, and related tasks and notes. Access all of that information from a single contact page.

Share Information Across Teams

Because you’re working in the cloud, every team member—regardless of their department—can have access to view and update information on a contact’s page. Regardless of who is assisting your customer today, he or she will have all that customer’s historical data at their fingertips.



Improve Data Integrity

When every interaction that your staff has with a contact is tracked and updated in real time, the information therein will always be up-to-date. And when there is one source of information that everyone in your company is using, everyone pitches in to the data upkeep, producing cleaner, more accurate data to work with.

Maximize Efficiency

With everyone able to update the information on a contact’s page, you’re able to capture more data and insight more quickly. This drastically reduces inefficient overlap that occurs when two teams, working in isolation, gather the same information on the same contact. Your team will be able to focus more on high value tasks and less on data entry.


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