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Simple and power-packed, with graphical timelines, two-way emails, telephony, social updates, web analytics, lead scoring and more.

Single Page Management


Save time and close more deals with single-page contact management. View everything you need to know about a contact on a single page that includes contact info, communication history, social media profiles and lead scores. The interface enables you to do a 360 degree profiling of a prospect.

Contact Manager helps you to maintain your contacts in a centralized address book, and have a comprehensive view of related tasks, notes, interactions and emails.

Single page contact management
2 way Email integration

Email Integration


Using Contact Management software, sync up to three email accounts from Google Apps (Gmail), Microsoft Exchange and Office 365, and any IMAP service provider for full two-way email communication.

Contact Timelines


Contact Management Software is equipped with graphical timelines to display complete histories of contact activity, including emails exchanged, website visits, social updates and dashboard activity. The graphical interface provides a simple view to track the entire communication with a contact.

Email timeline

Web Analytics


Agile CRM includes web analytics to track contact web activity and analyze user behavior. Know when leads browse your website, where they came from, which pages they visited and how much time they spent on each page. One lead can watch a video, the other can visit your pricing page, and someone can just be a casual visitor. So the web analytics in the Contact Management software give you a detailed view of web visitors and where to invest time to capture sales-ready leads.

Agile CRM testimonial by Pierre Barreaud

It's a great product. We love it! As well as the efficient support team!

Pierre Barreaud

CEO & Co-founder, AdoctA

Email from the CRM

CRM Email integration

Full CRM email integration lets you exchange emails with contacts without ever leaving your Agile dashboard. Attach docs and track email opens and link clicks. Interact manually within automated email campaigns. This striking feature of Contact Management software saves you from the hassles of sending individual emails to all the contacts.

Tag-based Segmentation

Tag based segmentation

Tag-based segmentation lets you organize as well as cross reference contacts and companies using tags for professions, locations, specific organizations or keywords. You can also create reports using tag filters.

Filters help businesses to segment their customers and send targeted emails. Contact Management software improves the effectiveness of your email by enabling you to send it to the right audience.

Events and Tasks

Events and tasks

With Contact Management software, you can quickly add tasks and events such as phone calls, submission deadlines and meetings. Sync them with your calendars for reference and reminders.

Advanced Filters


Use existing filters or create custom ones in the Contact Manager to easily sort through massive lists of contacts. Choose specific conditions and save your filters for future use.

Bulk Actions


Contact Manager allows you to manage your contacts quickly and efficiently using bulk actions to add, update, edit, email or export multiple contacts at once.

Bulk actions
Plugin integrations

Plugins and Widgets


Integrate with third-party applications to push and pull data with apps for social media, customer support, calling, billing, web forms and more. Agile’s Contact Manager supports many plugins.

Make phone calls


Contact Manager enables dialing and speaking to a customer at the click of a button. Make, receive, record and analyze calls with seamless SIP Telephony integration.

Telephony integration
Fetch social profiles

Fetch Social Profiles


View social media profiles on contact pages and communicate with these profiles from within Agile CRM’s Contact Management software. Engage your leads on Twitter, Facebook and beyond.

Helpdesk Features

Helpdesk integration

Agile CRM has home-grown service automation software that comes as an added feature in the CRM. You can quickly convert Agile into a helpdesk CRM in seconds. See ticket histories and deliver better support with Zendesk, ClickDesk, HelpScout and LiveHelpNow integration.

Billing Functionality

Billing integrations

Manage payments and invoices and see customer subscription information with billing integrations. Agile CRM integrates with FreshBooks, Stripe, Xero and QuickBooks.

Custom Fields

Add custom fields

Contact Management software has an enhanced functionality to create custom fields according to your needs and store even more information about customers.

Import Contacts

Import contacts

Contact Manager enables you to easily import contacts directly from a .CSV file or from another CRM with the help of Agile's sorting tool.

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