Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Create, organize, and share content easily with customers and visitors to find information they need.

Information library for customers

Knowledge base has no limit on the amount of information you store. It has easy to customise categories and sections for easy classification of information and retrieval.

Library For Customers


Rating of articles for continuous improvement

Articles can be rated based on the frequency of usage and see what features are being used mostly by the customers. This also helps to identify the problems faced by customers in the product, and fix or enhance to meet customer satisfaction.

Create articles and categorise as per product modules

Add as many articles as you need anytime without changing the current structure and organise the new articles as per the product features or modules. This make life easy for both the customer and yourself.

Create Articles


Host knowledge base locally on any domain

You can host the Knowledge base on your own domain and integrate it with the CRM. This helps keeping all your support data on the website for your customers easy access.

Feedback on articles to improve help content

Customers can rate each article and provide feedback. This helps to keep improving the content and making customers life easy. This gives insights about the issues customers are facing about the product and its features.


Customize knowledge base

Customize knowledge base page as per company brand guidelines

Easy to customise the Knowledge base landing page and internal pages as per the company’s brand guidelines. You can customise the fonts, colors and also the front end interface to be in line with the website design template.

Search functionality to access articles with ease

Search optimise the articles based on the primary and secondary keywords of the articles. This helps to retrieve the articles which are relevant and fast.

Search Articles

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