Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Create, organize, and share content easily. Empower customers and visitors to find the information they need.

Customizable Content Categories

There’s no limit to the amount of information you can store in your Agile CRM knowledge base. Customizable content categories and sections make it easy to for customers to quickly find the information they need.

Library For Customers


Content Rating

Let customers rate your content so you can gain insight into the frequency of usage to see which topics and product features are being used most by your customer base.

Increase Customer Success

A robust knowledge base full of helpful content that can be easily found allows your customers to help themselves when they encounter minor challenges. This ensures they find answers more quickly and are more successful using your product or service over the long term.

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Leverage Custom Domains

Let customers find your knowledge base more easily with a custom domain that presents your knowledge base as part of your overall website. Link to it in your menus and visitors will navigate there as though they have never left your site.

Improve with Content Feedback

Enable knowledge base content feedback features to give customers the chance to comment and provide feedback on your content. Gain actionable insight that helps you improve existing content and fill content gaps.


Customize knowledge base

Increase Support Quality

A robust knowledge base allows your customers to solve many of their problems on their own, letting your support team focus on solving larger, more pressing issues.

Keyword Search

Make your best support documentation available and easily accessible to your customers. All they need to do is perform a quick knowledge base search and any content you have uploaded to your knowledge base is retuned to them based on keywords they search for.

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