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Great customer support separates decent companies from excellent companies. A positive customer support experience is a crucially important piece of the customer journey. Agile CRM enables businesses to provide a more personalized customer support experience. With a host of powerful helpdesk automation features at your fingertips, you will better understand your customers so you can be there to assist when they need you most.

Helpdesk Software Features


Resolve every issue in the shortest possible time with powerful ticketing features.


Categorize tickets according to the issue and route them to the appropriate group (e.g. sales or support).

Smart Views

Enjoy at-a-glance views of important data—such as ticket priority—on your dashboard.

Service Level Agreements

Set up trigger campaigns to send alerts when the ticket resolution time exceeds the due date.


Leverage automation to define priorities for tickets, set their status and assign them to support reps.

Ticket Labeling

Create and use labels to organize your tickets into categories for improved organization and searchability.

Canned Responses

Create pre-packaged replies to ensure fast and consistent responses to frequently asked questions.


Receive system-generated, smart recommendations based on canned responses and ticket labels.


View graphical reporting on your dashboard around common metrics such as ticket status, priority, first response time, and more.


Utilize widgets for telephony, support, billing, social media, e-commerce, and even integrate your own custom widget.

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