Helpdesk Groups

Create helpdesk groups for customers and the reps that support them to ensure best-in-class customer support every time.
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The more diverse your company and its product offerings are, the more diverse your customer support team must be. With Agile CRM’s support capabilities, you get helpdesk groups that allow you to segment out groups of customers and the associated support reps that support them into silos so that only reps experienced with those customers’ products are tasked with supporting them.

Name Helpdesk Groups

Unique Group Names

Groups can be created for customers who require a specified type of customer support. For example, create a helpdesk group with the name of one of your products and add all customers who use that product to that group.

Dedicated Group Owners

Once you assign names to your helpdesk groups, you can determine the customer support reps that will receive those incoming tickets (the owners). If Jane only works with Product A, ensure she only receives tickets from the group of customers that uses that product.



Response Routing

Assign a group email address as the default reply address for a specific helpdesk group. If you have a team that only supports Product A and they all have access to an email address that organizes tickets for that product, you can set the system to route replies to everyone in that group, ensuring rapid response times.

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FREE for 10 Users. No credit card required.