Tips for Advancing Leads in Your Sales Funnel

Tips for Advancing Leads in Your Sales Funnel

In earlier days, sample products, brochures, and billboard advertising were the few marketing means to grow customers’ base. The times have changed now, and we have moved to a more holistic approach in growth hacking to capture more customers. Now we have web ads, blogs, ebooks, online reviews, pop-up ads, social media and the likes.

However, not all of these communication channels are used to their optimum or serving the exact purpose of the marketing funnel stages. It is always crucial that the funnel stages goes beyond the basic growth hacking. This is because basic growth hacking doesn’t do a deep dive of what your customer requirements are and doesn’t feed them with information that will help in the final purchase. For complete customer engagement, marketers need to focus on using multi-channels at each funnel stage to engage more customers and have a successful purchase.

So what steps can be taken to ensure that the customer is headed in the right direction and will take certain actions to reach conversion?

Here’s how you can achieve an uncanny flow in your sales funnel:

Gain Buyer’s Attention in First Instance

The first thing that comes to every customer’s mind is why they should be caring for your product. So to make them care, attract their attention, and bait them using something substantial and informative. Note that sending mundane marketing emails will never serve the purpose here. Be specific with your engagement and make sure it reaches the right audience. How would you do that? Make use of social media, Google ads, emails and blog posts for initial attraction.

For instance, send them “how to” articles or extensive guides that can be helpful to their business. Place strategic Google ads based on the keyword search, so whenever the buyer types that keyword, your ad is visible. Make use of direct email or regular social posts for initial communication. These will definitely get you the attention.

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Divide by Interests

Buyer’s likes and dislikes are very subjective, and all your buyers are NOT the same and will not have the same predictable interests. So based on the initial communication, divide them into different personas. Identify these brackets, divide your potential buyers under them and drop buyers (if required).Understanding your buyer’s persona is crucial and serving them content based on their interests will help you gain their trust. Use different mediums and topics to match their preference and start feeding these buyers their interests.

For instance, if your buyer is viewing your content (like those extensive guides and checklists) on a regular basis, send a related webinar or a video the next time. Or if they are visiting specific website pages through social media redirection, send them whitepapers or ebooks related to your product or services. You can also use product review sites such as G2 Crowd to help your buyer get a deep understanding about your product/service. Keep a relevant flow in your conversation through these mediums.

Help the Buyer Decide

Now that you have established a strong communication and you know the buyer cares about your product or service, the next question you need to answer is why they should buy. Give your buyer some incentive to make the right decision. This is crucial because once this stage is over, your buyers will be moved to the purchase funnel. Explain why your product is better and will be useful for the business.

Here you can make use of various free trials, freemium trials, and demo. For instance, get the buyer to take the product demo and exhibit your top features. Then proceed to offer a free trial that can be renewed using a paid package or offer a freemium trial where the buyer can upgrade features when needed.

Ensure the Buyer’s Committed

So you know that the the buyer is definitely going to make the purchase but there are still chances that he is not committed to your product 100%. You can turn this around as well but by using product reviews. Your customer is already using your product or service, so you can ask him for his feedback and see if he thinks there are any loopholes. If he completely likes your product then he will make the purchase. In case he points out any loopholes then assure him that you will fix this as soon as you can and request him to continue his trial version.

Make your buyers see that you uphold their views and feedback, and see how easily you will turn their doubts into 100% commitment.

In the end, I would want to stress on this fact again that when using a sales funnel, never stick to one channel to communicate with the target buyers. Divide the communication between multiple channels and evaluate in which funnel stage they can be used accurately. Avoid randomness as much as possible and use omni-channels without losing focus on the buyer’s stage.

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