RingCentral Integration with Agile CRM

Know exactly who's calling before answering a call. Turn your calls into deals with in-app & HTML5 notifications, customer histories and caller-to-lead technology
RingCentral Integrations for CRM

Instant Notifications

The instant you get a call in the app, in-app & HTML5 notifications display links to complete contact profiles in Agile.

Know Your Callers

Greet customers by name and view their complete customer histories with a single click.

Create Leads

Add new leads directly to Agile CRM while still on calls with the prospective customers.

RingCentral Integration Setup

1. RingCentral Softphone Options

Login to your RingCentral Softphone account and go to Options > Calls. Under 'Search for caller in address book' (which should already be checked), check 'Launch another application or a URL'.

RingCentral Setup, Step-1
RingCentral Setup, Step-2

2. Add Link to Integrate with Agile

Add the following link under 'Execute Command', substituting in your own Domain Name & API Key. You can find your API key in the Admin panel under the API & Analytics tab - https://DOMAIN.agilecrm.com/call?api-key=API_KEY&number=%E&fname=%F&lname=%L

Check the RingCentral Setup Guide for more detailed instructions.

Note: Agile CRM doesn't support outbound calls from the browser window as the feature is not supported by RingCentral's API

About RingCentral

RingCentral is a business phone system provider which offers local and toll free numbers to subscribers. Choose from available 800 numbers or get your own area code for your business phone number.

RingCentral Integration

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