Twilio - Agile CRM Telephony Integration

Make & receive phone calls. View call history
Twilio widget for CRM

Call Directly From Agile

No reaching out to the phone anymore. Make phone calls to your contacts directly from Agile CRM with just a click.

Call Directly From CRM

Inbound Calls

Answer Inbound Calls

Receive and answer inbound calls from your contacts directly in Agile CRM with. Keep all important information related to your customers at your finger tips when you answer their calls.

Record & Listen

Don't miss any important details of your phone calls with your customers. Record your phone calls or play them back to keep a note of your conversation.

Record calls

Automatic Notes

Automatic Notes

Following a call, Agile automatically adds a brief note with call details to the contact's page under the 'Notes' tab.

See Call History

View the full call history of a contact with notes and the duration of the call within the widget in the contact details page.


Twilio Widget Setup

1. Locate Widget

Add widget by clicking on 'Add/Manage' Widgets button in the contact detail page.

Twilio Setup,Step-1
Twilio Setup,Step-2

2. Add Widget

Find the widget in the Call Tab and click on +Add Widget to add the widget to the app.

3. Sign In and Authorize

Sign up or Login into Twilio account for authorizing Agile to use Twilio.

Twilio Setup,Step-3
Twilio Setup,Step-4

4. Choose an Account

Choose a Twilio account (number) to used by Agile and authorize.

Check the Twilio Setup Guide for more detailed instructions.

About Twilio

Twilio is a cloud communications company which allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages using its web service APIs.

Twilio Widget

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Make and receive calls directly from Agile by integrating your VoIP account.
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