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Google Apps for Agile CRM

Agile as a Google Apps CRM integrates closely with Google Apps through our awesome gadget, seamless 2-way sync with Google Calendar and Google Contacts, and easy access to Google Drive

2-Way Contacts Sync

Agile can periodically sync your contacts between your CRM and your Google Contacts account. You can also customize the frequency of sync, contacts you want to sync and also the target folders for the contacts to be synced from or synced to.

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Google Contacts Sync

Google Calendar Sync

Instant Calendar Sync

By enabling access to your Google Calendar, Agile automatically syncs your events in your Google Calendar with Agile calendar. You can also setup Agile calendar inside Google making Agile a great google apps crm.

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GMail/Google Apps Sync in Agile CRM

View all your email conversations with the customers in Agile's unique timeline view chronologically. You can also view all the emails exchanged in the Email tab of the contact synced from all the folders of your Google Mail account with google apps crm integration in Agile CRM.

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Google Mail Sync

Agile CRM Gadget for Gmail

Agile CRM Gadget for Gmail

View the contact details, tasks, deals, and campaigns all very conveniently shown beneath the email itself. Add contacts to campaigns, add/delete tags, change lead score all directly from your Gmail account.

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Google Drive in Agile CRM

You can attach Documents to Contacts or Deals to add more context. No more wasting time searching for documents associated to a contact in your computer or cloud drive with google apps crm integration in Agile CRM.

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Agile Google Drive Link

Check the Google Apps CRM setup guide for more detailed instructions.

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