Google Calendar Sync - Google Apps in Agile CRM

Instant 2-Way sync between Google Calendar and Agile CRM
Google Calendar Sync

Sync Your Calendars

Never miss an appointment, no matter where you are. Sync the calendars, access them both in Agile CRM, and watch your appointments and meetings appear in both.

Sync your calendar

Google Calendar

Add Agile CRM Calendar to Google

Carry your Agile CRM Calendar wherever you go. Simply set up your Agile CRM calendar in Google Apps using the iCalendar webcal link.

Link Agile CRM Calendar with WebCal Link

Now link to your Agile CRM iCalendar in Google or Outlook using the webcal link. Just add the webcal link in your app and you are ready to go with all the data synced from Agile CRM to the application of your choice.

WebCal Link

Google Calendar Sync How-To

Check the Google Calendar Sync setup guide for more detailed instructions.

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