Google Contacts Sync in Agile CRM

2-Way Contacts Sync between Google and Agile accounts
Google Apps contacts sync in Agile CRM

Set Frequency of Sync

Pick the frequency of contacts sync between Google apps and Agile accounts. You can sync your contacts either daily, weekly or monthly with Google contacts sync.



Choose the Contacts to be Synced

Decide the contacts that you want to sync with. You can sync only the contacts you own between your accounts or all your contacts in Agile to your Google contacts.

Sync Contact Group

Sync the contacts of a specific group from or to your accounts in Google Apps or Agile. Decide the contact group you want to sync from and have all your contacts to the contact group you want them in minutes. Get all Google contacts into Agile with a tag.

Sync Contact Group


Add Tag

Add a tag to the contacts synced from your Google Account using Google contacts sync and trigger your marketing campaigns automatically.

Google Contacts Sync How-To

Check the Google Contacts CRM setup guide for more detailed instructions.

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