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Convert casual visitors on your website to new leads in Agile CRM

Gravity Forms for CRM

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Lead Capture & Generation

When a visitor signs up through the web form, Agile CRM automatically generates a contact record that includes all the data submitted. You can also use other Agile CRM widgets to automatically pull in the new contact’s social info, offer support, billing data and much more.

Web to Lead

Gravity Forms: Tag web-form sign ups

Tagging & Automated Campaigns

Tag incoming contacts with attributes you choose, based on the info submitted on the Gravity form. Trigger automated campaigns—like confirmation messages, or follow-up tasks for the sales team—as your new leads are created to ensure they engage with your brand from the start.

Track Web Activity

Once your lead form automatically creates a new contact record in Agile CRM, that contact’s browsing activity on your site can be tracked over time. Reference their browsing history to identify interests that will help you convert them and close a deal.

Track Web Activity

Set Up Gravity Forms with Agile CRM

1. Install the plugin

Download the Agile CRM - Gravity Forms plugin from Agile CRM website. Log in to your WordPress interface, go to Plugins --> 'Add New' button. Upload the zip file and activate the plugin.

Gravity Forms Setup, Step-1

Gravity Forms Setup, Step-2

2. Navigate to the Plugin page

Upon successfully installing the plugin, go to Settings and navigate to Agile Gravity Forms. A new window opens up that requires your Agile CRM account information.

3. Enter your Agile domain details

Enter your Agile domain name, user email id and REST API key in the given fields respectively and save the details. (For API key, go to Admin Settings --> API & Analytics --> REST API key.) Now, move to the next tab - Form Settings, in the same window.

Gravity Forms Setup, Step-3

Gravity Forms Setup, Step-4

4. Map the form fields properly

Choose the Gravity form that you'd like to integrate with Agile. Then, map the Gravity Form fields to Agile CRM contact fields (Agile Property) accurately & save the details.


Check the Gravity Forms Plugin setup guide for more detailed instructions and options.

About Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is a complete contact form solution for WordPress. With Gravity Forms, you can build complex, interactive contact forms in minutes with no programming experience.

Gravity Forms Wordpress Integration

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FREE for 10 Users. No credit card required.