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Push form submissions from Wufoo as new contacts in Agile

Wufoo for CRM

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Create Contact

Add leads from Wufoo forms on the lead pages of your website as contacts into Agile CRM, with all the attributes. Fetch social info, offer support, billing, make calls & do much more right from the contact page, with our wide range of plugins.

Create Contact through Wufoo

Add Tag

Tag Form Submissions

Add different tags to the contacts pushed to Agile, based on the Wufoo form the visitor has filled in and trigger different marketing campaigns automatically upon form submit. Leverage on the rich set of marketing automation tools to engage your new contacts, score them based on behavior & more.

Wufoo Integration Video

Set Up Woofoo Integration

1. Obtain Agile's API key

Login to your Agile CRM account and go to 'Admin Settings'. Move to 'API & Analytics' tab and obtain the REST api key.

Wufoo Setup, Step-1

Wufoo Setup, Step-2

2. Login to Wufoo

Sign in to your Wufoo account and navigate to the Form Manager over there. In the Form Manager, click on the Notification button and go to Notification settings.

3. Provide the WebHook URL

In the form that shows up, fill the following Webhook URL and enter the AgileCRM's api key as the handshake key. Check the 'Include Field and Form Structures with Entry Data' option. Webhook URL - https://YOUR-DOMAIN.agilecrm.com/wufoo

Wufoo Setup, Step-3

Wufoo Setup, Step-4

4. Tagging

To tag all the contacts created through this form, add the tag name(s) beside the api key separated by comma. eg: "n36eeo15s76mcd0tnpvp6pmj4a,tag1,tag2"

Check the Wufoo setup guide for more detailed instructions and options.

About Wufoo

Wufoo is a web application that helps anyone build amazing online forms. When you design a form with Wufoo, it automatically builds the database, backend and scripts needed to make collecting and understanding your data easy, fast and fun.

Wufoo Integration

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FREE for 10 Users. No credit card required.