Unbounce - Agile CRM Integration

Push form submissions from Unbounce as new contacts in Agile

Unbounce for CRM

Web to Lead

Automatically create Agile contacts using forms data submitted on Unbounce forms on your website. Never miss another interested lead.

Tag Form Submissions

Add relevant tags to contacts depending on which form they fill in, so you can target them with campaigns tailored to their interests and user behavior.

Advanced Field Mapping

Get actionable data with advanced field mapping between unbounce forms & Agile contact fields that helps personalize your marketing campaigns.

Unbounce Integration How-To

Setting up the Unbounce Agile CRM Integration

1. Find the API Key on Agile

Login to your Agile CRM account and navigate to the 'Admin Settings'. Move to the 'API & Analytics' tab and copy the REST api key over there.

Unbounce Setup, Step-1

Unbounce Setup, Step-2

2. Login to Unbounce

Sign in to your Unbounce account and click on the 'Webhook: POST to URL' button under 'Basic Integrations', on the right side of the page.

3. Provide the Integration URL

Integrate Unbounce to Agile CRM by providing the integration URL in the format: https://DOMIAN.agilecrm.com/unbounce?api-key=API_KEY (Note: Paste your Agile CRM's API Key in the place of "API_KEY".)

Unbounce Setup, Step-3

Unbounce Setup, Step-4

4. Tag Contacts

To tag all the contacts created through this form, append tag(s) as comma separated values to the Agile api-key in the above integration URL. eg: https://YOUR_DOMAIN.agilecrm.com/unbounce?api-key=API_KEY,tag1,tag2

Check the Unbounce setup guide for more detailed instructions and options.

About Unbounce

Unbounce lets marketers build high-converting landing pages without any technical knowledge. It offers 1-click publishing, A/B testing and a suite of best-practice landing page templates.

Unbounce Integration

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