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Track and manage payments, invoices & history

Freshbooks widget for CRM

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Create Invoices

Create invoices and send them to your contacts and track them from Agile CRM. See a list of invoices with itemized details and payment status of your invoices.

Create invoices

Track Payments

Track Payments

Monitor payment status of all your customers directly from the Freshbooks widget in the contact's page. Find out who hasn't paid the invoice yet and send them a reminder.

See Invoice History

View all the past invoices of your customers with itemized details directly from the freshbooks widget in Agile CRM.

Invoice History

Freshbooks Integration How-To

Setting up Freshbooks Widget

1. Locate Widget

Locate the widget by clicking the '+ Manage Widgets' button on a contact detail page, or from the 'Widgets' tab in the Preferences menu.

Locate Widget
Add Widget

2. Add Widget

Find the widget under the Billing section and click on '+ Add' button on the widget to integrate the apps.

3. Authenticate

In the new page, enter your domain name and your FreshBooks API key for authentication. FreshBooks widget now pulls up the contact's invoice information using the email address and displays it in the widget on the contact page.


Check the Freshbooks Integration setup guide for more detailed instructions.

About Freshbooks

FreshBooks is an online invoicing, accounting and billing software solution. It is a cloud accounting specialist for small business owners.

Freshbooks Widget

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FREE for 10 Users. No credit card required.