Stripe - Agile CRM Billing Integration

Track payments of your customers, trigger campaigns & much more, from Agile

Stripe widget for Agile CRM

See Subscription Details

Check subscription details like length of the subscription, cost and other information of a contact directly from the app.

Check Payment History

Check payment history of all subscriptions of a contact using stripe widget in the CRM

2-way Sync

Sync contacts and payment history between your Stripe and Agile accounts with the Stripe integration.

Stripe Events

Bring stripe events to Agile CRM and boost the functionality of your triggers.

Trigger Campaigns

Use different stripe events as triggers to start different campaigns on your customers in Agile.

Stripe Integration How-To

Setting up the Stripe Widget

1. Locate Widget

Locate the widget by clicking the '+ Manage Widgets' button on a contact detail page, or from the 'Widgets' tab in the Preferences menu. Find the Stripe widget under Billing section.

Stripe Setup, Step-1
Stripe Setup, Step-2

2. Login to your Stripe account

Click on '+ Add' button on the widget. In the new window, click on the 'Link your Stripe' button and sign in to your Stripe account to grant access to Agile CRM.

3. Create custom field for Stripe ID

Upon login, you're redirected to Agile dashboard. Now, select your current custom field. (If you haven't created any custom field yet, click on the 'Create Custom Field' button over there, or go to Admin Settings --> Custom fields & create a text custom text field with some label.

Stripe Setup, Step-3
Stripe Setup, Step-4

4. Select the created custom field

Once a custom field is created, go to Stripe widget page (click on 'Settings' on the Stripe widget in the Widgets page) and choose your created text custom field. Save your settings to finalize the integration.

Check the Stripe CRM setup guide for more detailed instructions.

Also make sure to check the Stripe Event Triggers setup guide to make the most out of the integration.

About Stripe

Stripe is a developer-friendly way to accept payments online and in mobile apps. It helps process payments of billions of dollars a year for thousands of companies of all sizes.

Stripe Integration

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