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Comparison with Sugar CRM

Agile CRM's next-gen feature set helps businesses scale the smart way. Sugar CRM is a fine choice for Sales and Contact Management, but Agile CRM offers a complete solution for Contact Management, Marketing Automation, Salesforce Automation, Web Engagement and Analytics.

Let's compare Sugar CRM and Agile CRM in each segment to see how they perform.

Sugar CRM Agile

CRM Features

Marketing Automation

More advanced

Pricing & Plans

Plans start at $35 + No setup fee Plans start at $9.99 + No setup fee

Timeline for Setup

Many days Few hours


Both Sugar and Agile provide Email Templates for composing highly appealing emails in a short period of time. However, Agile includes the features you need to take your email campaigns to the next level: Email Personalization, Link Personalization and invaluable A/B Testing for gauging user response.

Sugar CRM Agile

Email Templates & Themes

Email Personalization

Advanced with conditional logic

Email Tracking

Link Personalization


Contact Management

Sugar CRM and Agile both offer robust Contact Management, letting you easily manage leads, contacts, task and deals. Both also offer a 360o Contact View and 2-way Email Sync.

Sugar CRM Agile

Leads, Contacts, Accounts & Opportunities

Tasks, Calendars and Notes

360o Contact View

2-way Emails

Marketing Automation

Agile tops the Marketing Automation arena with a complete feature set for modern businesses. From multi-step Campaigns and a Drag-and-Drop Interface to Automated Lead Scoring and Behavior-based Segmentation, Agile is a complete Marketing Automation and Salesforce Automation solution.

Sugar CRM offers limited MA functionality but does include Behavior-based Segmentation and, in the Community version, Auto Responders. Agile offers these features + a whole lot more.

Sugar CRM Agile

Auto Responders

Only in Community edition

Multi-step Campaigns


Drag-drop Campaign Workflow


Automated Lead Scoring


Life-cycle & Drip Marketing


A/B Testing

Much simplified

Behavior-based Segmentation

Automatic Campaign Triggering


Web Engagement

With the best and most comprehensive Web Engagement suite in the industry, Agile puts the Customer back in Customer Relationship Management. All Agile accounts include customizable, personalized popups and web forms, plus exit intent web grabbers to combat page abandonment and dramatically increase retention and conversions.

Sugar CRM doesn't provide Web Engagement.

Sugar CRM Agile

Personalized Pop-ups


Form Pop-ups


Timed Pop-ups
(Exit Intent, End of Page, Specific Time)



Both Sugar CRM and Agile include Social Media Monitoring and Social Updates. Agile's innovative one-page Contact View displays real-time social media data to help turn leads into deals.

Sugar CRM Agile

Contact info from Twitter & other Social Media Websites

Social Media Monitoring

Social Updates

Analytics and Alerts

Agile CRM offers powerful Email Tracking, and pops up Real-Time Notifications of email opens, link clicks and contact web/app activity. Not only that, but Agile stores this essential info about user activity in contacts' profiles in the CRM, so it's always right at your fingertips.

Sugar CRM only offers basic Email Tracking.

Sugar CRM Agile

Email Tracking

Email Open Notifications


Page View Notifications


Web Visitor Tracking



Agile CRM offers Advanced Analytics at no extra cost. Know the real data behind your business performance with Agile's highly insightful Growth and Cohort Metrics, and see how leads are converting over time with Agile's Funnel Reports. Make smarter decisions and build a better business.

Sugar CRM only provides Periodic Email and Graphical Reports.

Sugar CRM Agile

Periodic Email Reports

Graphical Reports

Growth Analysis


Funnel Reports


Cohort Analysis



Agile offers API in REST and multiple other languages. Agile's extensive front-end & back-end API in REST, Javascript, Java, .Net and PHP gives complete control to users over their data.

Sugar CRM only offers its API in REST.

Sugar CRM Agile


REST REST, PHP, Javascript, Java, .Net


Agile seamlessly integrates with Twilio and VoIP services to enable making and receiving calls from the CRM. Agile also offers Web Forms (web-to-contact) and lets you build custom widgets for your specific needs using its open API.

Both Sugar CRM and Agile support Email Sync.

Sugar CRM Agile


- VoIP, Twilio, Ring Central

Web Forms

Wufoo, Unbounce, Gravity Forms

Email Sync

Google Apps, IMAP


Freshdesk, Zendesk Zendesk, ClickDesk, Help Scout


QuickBooks Stripe, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Xero

Custom Widgets



In short, this is the best CRM platform I've ever used. Between the tagging system, workflow engine and API, this system has the ability to do marketing automation better than any other system I've worked with. The timeline makes it intuitive to keep track of customer contact points. The integration with IP phone systems means that costs are kept low. I have already recommended it to several of my clients and will follow up to ensure that they use Agile. Agile CRM is, quite simply, the correct choice for small business.

Ben Inkster

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