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Comparison with is good for sales teams, but modern businesses seek an all-in-one solution for sales, marketing, web engagement and analytics. Agile CRM includes updated "traditional" CRM features fully integrated with the latest user engagement, social CRM and marketing automation technology. From dynamic lead scoring and real-time notifications to the most comprehensive analytics in the business, Agile's got your back.

Let's compare and Agile in each segment to see how they perform. Agile

CRM Features

Marketing Automation



Pricing & Plans

Plans start at $59 + No setup fee Plans start at $9.99 + No setup fee

Contact Management

Both and Agile offer robust Contact Management with easy access to Leads, Contacts and Deals, an all-round Contact View and 2-way Email integration. Also, both help you keep tabs on all of your tasks. Agile

Leads, Contacts, Accounts & Opportunities

Tasks, Calendars and Notes

360o Contact View

2-way Emails


While both and Agile provide Email Templates and Email Personalization, Agile alone offers Link Personalization - the secret key to smart tracking. Agile also includes A/B Testing to assess the relative performance of your campaigns. Respond automatically to customer behavior and scale your business the smart way. Agile

Email Templates & Themes

Email Personalization

More advanced with conditional logic

Email Tracking

Link Personalization


Analytics & Alerts

Agile offers extensive email and web analytics, with real-time notifications and sophisticated email and link tracking. Agile also records your contacts' engagement with your site or app, whether or not you're online at the time. doesn't offer analytics. Agile

Email Tracking

Email Open Notifications


Page View Notifications


Web Visitor Tracking


Telephony offers telephony integration; users can make/receive calls directly from the CRM.

Agile offers more useful and extensive telephony functionality, with third-party integrations (Twilio and VoIP) to enable making, receiving, recording and analyzing calls from the CRM. Close data leaks and increase conversions with Agile CRM. Agile

Make Calls

Through Integrations

Receive Calls

Through Integrations
VoIP, Twilio

Record/Analyze Calls

VoIP, Twilio

Other Widgets

- VoIP, Twilio, Ring Central


Canvass your business performance using Agile's insightful Funnel Graphs, Cohort Reports and Growth Analysis. Assess campaign performance and gain a sophisticated understanding of your leads and users. includes only periodic email reports, while Agile CRM offers customizable email reports plus a complete range of cutting-edge analytics. Agile

Periodic Email Reports

Graphical Reports


Growth Analysis


Funnel Reports


Cohort Analysis



Both and Agile offer API in REST, while Agile offers its API in multiple languages. Agile's extensive front-end & back-end API in REST, Javascript, Java, .Net and PHP gives users complete control over their data. Agile


REST REST, PHP, Javascript, Java, .Net


Agile seamlessly integrates with VoIP services, Twilio and RingCentral so you can make, receive and analyze calls directly from the CRM dashboard, and Agile users love the CRM's help desk and billing/invoicing integrations. Agile also offers 2-way email sync with Google Apps and IMAP and allows for building custom widgets using its open API. offers VoIP integration only in enterprise versions. Agile


VoIP integration in Enterprise versions VoIP, Twilio, Ring Central

Web Forms

- Wufoo, Unbounce, Gravity Forms

Email Sync

Google Apps, IMAP


- Zendesk, ClickDesk, Help Scout


- Stripe, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Xero

Custom Widgets



I love agile -- free form and tags, allow you to look at this any way you want. Love the pipeline/forecasting as well. I will be actively using this, and suggesting it for my clients (business coaching) here in Montreal.

Wayne Radford

HomeTEQ Industries

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