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Setting Up Email Sync

Getting Started with Agile CRM

Sales Enablement - Setting Up Email Sync

You can easily sync your current email accounts with Agile CRM. Supported email services include Google Mail (Gmail), Microsoft Office 365, and all IMAP accounts. After syncing, emails exchanged with your contacts in Gmail/IMAP/Office 365 will be pulled into Agile CRM and associated with contacts based on their email addresses.

How to Sync Gmail, IMAP or Office 365 Email with Agile CRM

Email Syncing is managed from Preferences > Email (open the Preferences menu from the user drop-down menu on the upper right, then select Email).

Preferences Section

Click on the Enable button underneath Gmail, IMAP, or Office 365.

Gmail Sync

To enable Gmail Sync, you will be asked to login to your Gmail account (if you aren't already logged in).

Enable IMAP or Office 365

To enable IMAP or Office 365 Sync, enter your Server (Host) Name, User Name and Password.

How to View Synced Emails

Synced emails are available on Contact Pages in Agile CRM. To view synced emails:

  • Go to a Contact Page and open the Mail tab.
  • Open the drop-down menu on the upper right and select your synced email address.
  • You will now see synced emails with the contact.
View Emails

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