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Getting Started with Agile CRM

Sales Enablement - How to Use Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions let you do the same thing to multiple Contacts or Companies at once. For example, if you want to add all of your Contacts to a Newsletter Campaign or assign a certain set of Companies to a new Owner, Bulk Actions let you do this quickly and efficiently.

Available Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions are built into Agile CRM. Here is a list of available Bulk Actions:

  • Add Tags - Add tags to multiple contacts at once.
  • Remove Tags - Remove tags from multiple contacts at once.
  • Add to Campaign - Add selected contacts to a particular Campaign, such as an Onboarding Email Campaign.
  • Start Call Campaign - Start calling the the selected contacts one-by-one, from within Agile CRM.
  • Send Email - Send an email to multiple contacts at once.
  • Change Owner - Change the owner of the selected contacts. For example, move a group of contacts from one sales rep to another one.
  • Export as CSV - Export the selected contacts to a CSV file for record-keeping or contact data transfer between apps.
  • Delete - Permanently remove contacts from your Agile CRM account.

Note that performing Bulk Actions on Companies is exactly the same process as for Contacts, the options are just more limited: Send Email, Change Owner, Export as CSV and Delete.

Using Bulk Actions

You can run Bulk Actions on multiple contacts or companies at once from your main Contacts or Companies page.

Click on Checkbox

To select a small number of contacts or companies, click on the checkboxes next to their names. Once you do this, a Bulk Actions drop-down menu will appear.

Select All Contacts

To select all visible contacts or companies, click on the checkbox on the upper left. If you have more than 25 contacts or companies in your Agile CRM database, then you'll have the option to select all of them.

Bulk Action

Select the Bulk Action you would like to perform on the selected contacts or companies. You will then be taken to the appropriate screen for completing the action.

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