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Getting Started with Agile CRM

Sales Enablement - Contact Pages and Widgets

Contact Pages in Agile CRM provide a centralized view of contact data and customer communications. You can also add Widgets to Contact Pages to display additional information pulled from Social Media accounts and other apps, including Support, Billing, eCommerce and Telephony applications.

How to Find Contact Pages

When you create a Contact in Agile CRM, we automatically create a unique Contact Page for that Contact.

There are two main ways to find a Contact Page in Agile CRM:

  • Click on Contacts in the main menu bar. Select the desired contact.
  • Or just start typing the contact's name or email into the Search Bar. Select the desired contact.

Information Available on Contact Pages

Contact Pages contain three main sections: Contact Information, Contact Activities, and Contact Widgets.

Options on Contact Page

Contact Information is displayed on the left-hand side of Contact Pages. This section includes basic information such as Name, Email and Lead Score. It also includes Tags that have been added to the contact. Click on a particular Tag to see other contacts with the same Tag.

Contact Information

In the middle panel on Contact Pages, Agile CRM displays dynamic contact data about contact activities and user activities associated with the contact. Each tab contains a different type of information:

  • Timeline - A chronological timeline of contact activities, beginning with when the contact was created.
  • Notes - All notes associated with the contact. You can create a new note here by clicking + Add Notes. To edit a current note, click on the pencil icon on the right.
  • Events - All events associated with the contact, including both past and future events, such as meetings that have been scheduled via your Online Calendar. Click + Add Event to add a new event. To edit an event, click on the pencil icon on the right.
  • Tasks - All tasks associated with the contact, such as follow-up calls and emails. Click + Add Task to add a new task. You can edit a task by clicking the pencil icon on the right, or mark a task as "completed" by clicking the checkbox to the left of the task name. Note that this tab only displays tasks associated with the contact whose Contact Page you are currently browsing. To view all tasks assigned to you for the day, click on the Tasks icon to the left of the main Search Bar.
  • Deals - All deals (sales opportunities) associated with the contact. Click + Add Deal to add a new deal. To edit a deal, click on the pencil icon on the right.
  • Cases - All cases (support tickets or other issues) associated with the contact. Click + Add Case to add a new case. To edit a case, click on the pencil icon on the right.
  • Campaigns - A complete Campaign Log for the contact, including both completed campaigns and currently active campaigns. Click Manage Subscriptions to change the contact's campaign subscriptions. You can also manually add the contact to a particular campaign using the + Add link.
Web Stats
  • Web Stats - A list of the contact's web activities, including which pages they visited on your website, when they visited them, and for how long. This tab also includes information such as browser type and location.
  • Mail - All of your email exchanges with the contact. Emails from email accounts that have been synced with Agile will also appear here. Click + Send Email to compose a new email message to the contact.
  • Documents - A list of documents that have been uploaded to Agile CRM and associated with the contact. Click +Add Document to select from available documents or upload a new one.

How to Add Widgets to Contact Pages

Agile CRM integrates with the apps you use to run your business and interact with contacts and leads on social media. After you have added these plugins and integrations to your Agile CRM account, many of them will show up as Widgets on Contact Pages. Widgets display up-to-date information about your contacts, pulled from these other apps.

Adding Widgets

Widgets are managed from Preferences > Widgets. From the Widgets tab you can select which widgets you'd like to enable in Agile CRM. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

Available Widgets for Contact Pages currently include:

  • Telephony - Twilio and SIP. (Note that Telephony integration is only available in Regular and Enterprise plans.)
  • Support - ClickDesk, Help Scout and Zendesk.
  • Billing - Stripe, Xero, FreshBooks and QuickBooks.
  • Social - Facebook, Twitter, TowerData (Rapleaf) and Google Plus.
  • Ecommerce - Shopify.
  • Custom Widgets - Developers can create Custom Widgets using Agile CRM's Custom Widget Documentation.

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