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Getting Started with Agile CRM

Getting Started with Campaigns

Campaigns are automation workflows. They can be extremely simple, such as an email campaign that sends out an email newsletter to all of your contacts, or extremely complex, such as a multi-channel nurture campaign that responds to customer behavior with emails, SMS messages, appointment scheduling links and more. In Agile CRM, all campaigns are managed using our drag-and-drop visual designer.

Campaigns are an effective way to engage new leads and current customers. Because Agile offers a combination of sales automation and marketing automation, our campaigns are customizable for any stage in the customer lifecycle. In this Getting Started Guide to Marketing Automation in Agile CRM, we’ll learn how to create and modify some basic campaigns.

How to Build a Campaign

To start building a campaign, open the Campaigns page from the main menu in your Agile CRM Dashboard. From this page you can manage current campaigns and add new campaigns.

Click on Campaign

Click on + Add Campaign to create a new campaign.

Click on Go

We recommend starting with one of our pre-designed campaign templates. To create a new campaign using one of these templates, click on Go underneath the template description. Keep reading below for an explanation of different campaign templates.

If you would rather create a custom campaign (ie. draft a campaign from scratch), click the Custom button on the upper right. This will open a blank workflow. See Campaign Nodes for detailed information.

Campaign Templates

Using campaign templates is a great way to get to know how campaigns work in Agile. These are the available templates:

Sales and Marketing Automation Templates

    • Newsletter: Send a newsletter to any number of contacts. Track email open and link clicks.
    • Autoresponder: Automatically send messages after a specified time period. For example, send an introductory email when a contact signs up on your website, then send a different email two days later.
    • Lead Scoring: Track lead behavior and modify lead scores accordingly. Lead Scoring Campaigns usually include both lead scoring and tagging. You can control how different activities modify your contacts’ lead scores and which tags are added.
    • Social: Automatically engage with your contacts on Twitter with scheduled Tweets and social interactions.
    • A/B Test: Split-test two different email messages. Compare results from the A/B testing and improve your marketing.

SaaS Campaign Templates

    • Signup Welcome: Automatically send a welcome email when a new user signs up for your SaaS product, email list, etc.
    • Trial Conversion: Track user behavior to identify when a trial user is ready to upgrade. Automatically send convincing messages at just the right time.
    • User Onboarding: Engage new users with perfectly timed messaging throughout the onboarding process. Automate onboarding interactions.

E-commerce Campaign Templates

    • Cart Abandonment: Increase e-commerce conversions by detecting potential cart abandonment and sending targeted messages with discounts, reminders and incentives.
    • Targeted Promo: Send perfectly timed messages to your online shoppers based on their interests and behavior.

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