New to CRM?

A comprehensive checklist to bring awareness
to those who are new to CRM.

Introduction to CRM: A comprehensive view of your business is needed to align your sales and marketing activities to generate revenue. You have to track the entire business cycle that encompasses lead generation, customer queries, customer engagement, sales calls, feedback mechanism, and the whole gamut of customer relationship.

What is CRM? An acronym for Customer Relationship Management, which refers to the term refers to an organized way to manage customer relationships. (Learn more)

How does CRM work?

what is the crm software

A CRM software embraces the following workflow:

  • 1)  Trigger marketing
  • 2)  Initiate and process sales
  • 3)  Schedule bookings and orders
  • 4)  Provide service & support

CRM benefits: There are numerous benefits of adopting a CRM software. Of the various reasons, businesses implement CRM for these ones. (Learn more)

How to evaluate CRM? Businesses have to evaluate the CRM thoroughly in order to channel your investments in the right direction. (Learn more)

How to buy CRM? The first step is to bring all the stakeholders such as key decision makers, sales managers, marketing and support staff of CRM implementation to a consensus by spreading awareness on the CRM and its set up. (Learn more)


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