Do I need a CRM?

Does your business have too many leads, Sales staff?
Want to do Sales Forecasting, marketing and do your prospects have multiple points of contact? You need a CRM
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A short and sweet answer for this is YES. You definitely need a CRM system!

Using a spreadsheet to track customer interactions might work now, but it’ll quickly become painful as your sales team and customer base grow.

As you scale up your business, it will be difficult to pull every contact from your phonebook to make calls. Here the telephony feature in your CRM can be of a great help. This is coupled with auto responders and appointment schedulers. Thus it becomes practically very difficult to operate without a CRM system in place.

what is the crm software

Picture this… If your sales reps are pursuing one prospect, it can be annoying to the potential customer. So you need a tracking software to keep a knowledge of the customer interactions and in which stage of the sales cycle he/she lies in.

If you intend to grow, you need to adopt tools that will grow with you. That’s why we recommend even small businesses to go with a well defined CRM system to enhance their sales process and overall growth.

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FREE for 10 Users. No credit card required.